The birds and the beads

Bird Beads and Charms

the birds and the beads

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Blogging since This is my journal. A place to share bits of me, my family and life and other things of interest to me, and I hope to you. A place to meet new friends and bond with old. A place to share my thoughts and projects in sewing, beading and needlework.

From beaded bags to gauntlets, the birds featured in this exhibit show the symbolic and cultural importance birds are to the Nez Perce. This pair of beaded gauntlets features a golden eagle, one of the most prized birds among the Nez Perce. Golden eagles are one of the largest raptors in North America and can reach speeds of up to miles per hour. Their strength and courage was admired by many Native American tribes; they ascribed mystical powers to the bird and its feathers. The tail feathers of a golden eagle are especially valued given their wide, white base and flat black tips. This beaded baseball hat featuring a bald eagle, created by Diane Broncheau-Halfmoon, is an example of contemporary beadwork of the Nez Perce.

Just this morning, I saw 11 different bird species as I walked through my backyard, drove to work, and looked out my office window. From various warblers and woodpeckers to sandhill cranes and wild turkeys, springtime offers inviting views of avian arrivals, many of which we have missed for months. Of course this differs greatly, depending where you are in the world. You might have year-round visits from pelicans, gulls, and shorebirds. Or do you have puffin and auks? Plus, a new study by the American Museum of Natural History indicates that there are about 18, bird species in the world, which is nearly twice as many as previously thought.

Time to talk about the birds and the beads

The Birds and the Beads


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