Willy wonka and the chocolate factory filming locations

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willy wonka and the chocolate factory filming locations

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Started by Guest , 22 Aug Posted 22 Aug I am no movie buff but watched the old classic, Gene Wilder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last night and noticed a few familiar things. Low and behold I did a quick search and the original movie was filmed on location in Munich! Posted 5 Mar

One crisp snowy day, some kids from school were running to the Candy Store and the candy man sings "The Candy Man" song. A mysterious tinker recites the lines of William Allingham's poem "The Fairies", and tells Charlie, "Nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comes out. Later that night after he tells Grandpa Joe about the tinker, Joe explains that Charlie was right and told him it was revealed that Wonka locked the factory. Slugworth, and other candy makers sent spies dressed as employees to steal Wonka's recipes. Wonka disappeared, but three years later began selling more candy.

That said, there are still quite a few movies that most people have no idea filmed here! Here are three of our favourites:. No, not the creepy one with Johnny Depp, but the whimsical yet still quite creepy original starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. You can see more locations here. The production of the Three Muskateers made use of Munich as a filming location as well.

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In commemoration of its enduring legacy, here are some fascinating facts about this beloved family favorite. The flowing river was simply filled with brown-colored water. Warner Home Video. The late, great Gene Wilder deliberately kept his off-kilter performance as Willy Wonka a mystery to his castmates. Seems like Stuart just liked surprising his actors! But it was apparently a real pain to shoot because of all the props involved. In , Julie Dawn Cole, who played the bratty girl, said it took her 36 takes to nail the part where she throws ribbons and boxes around the room mid-song.

If you listen close, his voice is much higher in the beginning of the movie than it is at the end. Because of this, a red light was used to show him which direction to look during filming. Because of this, most of the Oompa Loompas did not speak English. Unless an actor was actually eating a piece of candy, you can guarantee that it was fake candy. Even some of the Wonka Bars were made of wood. The Chocolate River was very real, though. Because it was real, it ended up smelling really bad by the end of filming.

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