Teeth sealants pros and cons

What Is a Sealant for Teeth and What Function Does It Serve?

teeth sealants pros and cons

Are Dental Sealants Safe?


Every parent knows the struggle of trying to teach their kids good dental hygiene. So, when you hear about dental sealants, it seems like the answer to a prayer. A quick, painless way of protecting teeth from cavities, what more could you ask for? Dental sealants are basically liquid resin. This is like a clear, plastic paint which the dentist paints onto the teeth, filling in the tiny holes and crevasses.

Special Offers. In a perfect world, everyone would have a spotless set of shiny teeth. Daily brushing and flossing would be the only maintenance necessary to keep them this way. But that just isn't the case. A variety of dental treatment options are available to restore or, in some cases, prevent the loss of your natural pearly whites.

The first tooth sealants were produced in the late s and early s. Since then, sealants for kids have become a major weapon to prevent tooth decay. However, there remain misconceptions and confusion about dental sealants. Among the biggest questions: Are dental sealants safe? How long do dental sealants last? Can dental sealants be removed? Do dental sealants for children really reduce risk of cavities?

Contact Dr. Payam if you want your child to have the best dental sealants in Stafford, Va. Dental sealants prevent plaque and bacteria from getting into the grooves of the back teeth that even a tooth brush has trouble cleaning which helps limit the chance of cavities. Dental sealants are easy for a dentist to apply and the process is completely painless. The dentist will clean the tooth and then brush the coating on top of the tooth, covering the groves that are hard to clean. View our Dental Sealants video to learn more.

Pros and Cons of Dental Sealants

How to Maintain Healthy Teeth : What Are Tooth Sealants?

Dental Sealants

Teeth sealants are a dental treatment which is a thin, plastic coating that gets painted on the surface of each tooth. The back teeth usually receive this option, but it is also possible to apply it to the entire smile as well. The goal of this product is to prevent tooth decay in combination with regular brushing, flossing, and other oral health activities. The sealant for the teeth quickly bonds to the depressions and grooves of each tooth, forming a protective shield that proactively works to prevent enamel decay. Even though regular brushing removes plaque and food particles from the smooth surfaces of each tooth, it does not always get into the varies corners and ridges that some teeth can have — especially along the premolars and molars.

If you or your child has visited a dentist recently, he or she might have recommended dental sealants. Dental sealants are accepted as a reliable way to prevent cavities caused by tooth decay. As with any procedure, you will need information to know if dental sealants are right for you or your child. This means weighing the pros and cons of dental sealants. Teeth, especially molars, have natural pits and fissures that help grind up food when you chew. Food particles and bacteria can get caught in these pockets.

We completely understand that your children love candy and cookies and cake and everything else that taste great! Both are a no-win situation. But, there is something you can do to help prevent those pesky cavities and promote a healthy mouth for your children: dental sealants. Sealants are simple, plastic barriers to protect against cavities. Do your kids need them? We suggest you take the time to research in depth both the pros and cons of dental sealants, but here are a few that stand out to us. Just like any parenting decision, dental sealants pros and cons are important to weigh before making your decision.

The failures of dental sealants: Weigh the pros and cons with dental patients




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