Siegfried and roy lion attack

Siegfried & Roy tiger handler says the real cause of 2003 mauling was covered up

siegfried and roy lion attack

Siegfried and Roy appeared at the Four Seasons hotel in Las Vegas Sept. 18, A mauling by a Bengal tiger during a performance Oct. 3, , left Roy.

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In the years following the attack, the duo has maintained that Horn suffered a stroke while on stage and Mantacore, a male tiger weighing in at pounds and measuring 7 feet long, sprung at him in an effort to help. Lawrence, 45, told The Hollywood Reporter that Horn had not been spending as much time with the animals in the years before the attack, causing less of a bond between himself and the dangerous creatures with which he would perform. He went on to claim that he was hesitant to step in at that point, as he and the other handlers were routinely reprimanded for stepping in on stage and breaking the illusion that the care and training of the wild cats was a two-man operation run by Siegfried and Roy. Horn was able to get the animal to let go by tapping him on the nose with his microphone, but that would prove to be only the beginning. Lawrence claimed he tried to redirect Mantacore's attention by offering him treats and then grabbing his leash, but he was unable to calm or restrain him, and Mantacore knocked both men down, he recalled.

The explanation has always been that Roy suffered a stroke, and the tiger reacted to protect him. In a long interview, Lawrence says Horn was spending too little time with the tigers before shows, eroding the bond between animal and performer. The night of the accident, Oct. By Roy not following the correct procedure, it fed into confusion and rebellion. When the tiger bit at Horn's sleeve, Lawrence made a move to intervene, tempting him with raw meat. The trainer grabbed Mantacore's leash, and the tiger managed to knock both men down.

The Las Vegas attack is equally horrific and unforgettable: as 1, fans watched in the audience, a pound white tiger named Montecore sank his teeth into the performer and dragged his unconscious body off the stage.
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    Why did the white tiger attack?

  3. Justin J. says:

    Mar 28, Few will forget when a white tiger viciously attacked magician Roy Horn in during Siegfried & Roy's Las Vegas show. The attack ended the careers of Horn and his partner, Siegfried Fischbacher, as an audience of 1, watched pound tiger Montecore bite Roy and drag him.

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    From to , Siegfried and Roy were executive producers of Father of the Pride.

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    The explanation has always been that Roy suffered a stroke, and the tiger reacted to protect him.

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