Jimmy kimmel and justin timberlake history of rap 1

Justin timberlake jimmy fallon history of rap 1 youtube

jimmy kimmel and justin timberlake history of rap 1

History of Rap 1 Lyrics: I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie / To the hip hip hop, first of a sporadic series of hip-hop mash-ups done by Fallon and Timberlake.


Most of the skits below appeared only on Late Night , while some have carried over to the Tonight Show. Every Tuesday on the show until , Jimmy weighs the pros and cons of a topic that's currently in the news, with the pros being the setups and the cons being the punchlines. Pro: With Tiger competing, this year's Masters promises to be the most exciting golf tournament ever. Con: That being said, it's still golf. Every Thursday formerly Wednesday on the show, Jimmy reads off viewer comments from a topic for discussion he started the night or the week before on Twitter. As Jimmy frequently announces before he reads his favorite comments, each hashtag would usually become a trending topic on Twitter in the United States within a few minutes after its posting. Jimmy previously created a spin-off named " Late Night Instagrams ".

The two continued their streak of collaborations on Tuesday Aug. And while many of the duo's earlier videos are unavailable online, we couldn't help but take the opportunity to revisit some of their best recent work. Watch above as Timberlake gets roasted on his boy-band days alongside Fallon and guest Steve Carell. Skip ahead to watch Fallon take the spotlight for his own solo during the a capella performance. Timberlake and Fallon make a mockery of people who over-use hashtags in this sketch, having an entire conversation based around hashtags about everything from cookies to Duck Dynasty. The bromance gets real in this hilarious Tonight Show sketch, where Timberlake and Fallon communicate only through longing gazes and serious looks. Okay, this one isn't exactly a sketch.

On last night's Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake gave us the sixth installment in their In Fifth Place: History of Rap, Part 1.
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From their hilarious sleep-away camp adventures to creating a clever new Twitter-inspired conversation , JT and JF are proof that while good friends are hard to come by, the ones you have should be able to recite a whole medley of hip-hop songs with you. Justin and Jimmy met at the VMAs, when they were both at major turning points in their careers. The two started a kinship that lasts to this day when Fallon bestowed words of encouragement to Timberlake. Continuing their friendship, Timberlake called on Fallon for support during his inaugural hosting stint on SNL. Joining forces for the first time, the duo introduced The Barry Gibb Talk Show , a sketch that would go on to appear four more times on SNL , even after Fallon left the show.

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Is the term "friendship goals" over yet or can we still use it to describe Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's bromance? Jimmy and Justin talked about some sex, stopped for Hammertime, and even lit it up and took a puff while delighting us all for the rest of time. Hasn't the time come for Justin Timberlake to get his own late night show?

The dudes busted out their fifth installment of their "History of Rap" sketc. Vevo Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have been late night BFFs for While the performance itself has been impressive since Part 1 way back in.
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