Joe the grocer and kendall

Bachelor in Paradise: Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe are Moving in Together

joe the grocer and kendall

Joe & Kendall Break Up - Bachelor in Paradise 2018

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What is the most logical day for Bachelor in Paradise couples to celebrate an anniversary? The day they met? The day they first kissed? The day they stopped dates with other people? The day they went public with their relationship? It's unclear, even to them. The Bachelor franchise favorite shared a photo of the two of them sitting on the beach and wrote,.

So, what is the deal with the couple?
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Bachelor in Paradise fans will remember the up-and-down saga that was the Kendall and Grocery Store Joe love story that occurred last summer. Kendall Long and Joe Amabile hit it off early on the beach. The two began flirting right away but Kendall wanted to keep her options open. Joe, on the other hand, though not very communicative about his feelings, knew he was sure about Kendall. Kendall explored her options with other men but ultimately always came back to Joe. The only woman Joe had been interested in was Kendall so he went home, too.

Are they neighbors with Colton Underwood who also happens to live in the area? Later that day , Joe uploaded a sweet photo of them posing together on the floor in one of the rooms of their new apartment. Bachelor Nation at Stagecoach. She captioned the series of photos, "Just signed the lease to our new place in West Hollywood and couldn't be more excited to start building a lil life together with this cutie. On Saturday, both Bachelor Nation alums added videos to their Instagram Story that today was "moving day," although they had yet to put a lot of the "moving" in "moving day. They took a "much-needed breakfast break" despite not having packed many boxes. Sustenance is important!

The two met in Paradise and after a tearful breakup, found each other in the real world to reconcile and give their relationship another shot. When they get back from abroad, Amabile has plans to move to Los Angeles to be with Long no more long distance! Long also said that she and Amabile would love to open up a restaurant together someday, once things slow down for them a little. Or maybe Joe-Ken. You have to have a tagline. I have crazy mom jokes.

'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple 'Grocery Store' Joe Amabile and Kendall Long Move In Together

The Bachelor in Paradise couple is serious about their relationship -- so serious, in fact, that they're getting ready to move in together. The blonde beauty has been traveling with Amabile through part of his tour on the east coast, determined to make their relationship work. I think the longest we haven't seen each other is about a week, so we're quite obsessed with each other," Long joked.

Grocery Store Joe's Anniversary Post For Kendall Includes His Signature Humor PHOTO






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