Brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio movie

Can Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt save Hollywood?

brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio movie

Is Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywood's last movie star? That was the thrust of Possibly one: his Once Upon a Time co-star Brad Pitt. Pitt's back.

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A video of Brad Pitt getting hit by a car went viral a few months ago. Technically, he gets hit by two cars, the first launching him into the air to bounce off the windshield of the other with the rubbery spring of an egg soaked in maple syrup. The slapstick severity of the accident isn't even the weird part. The weird part is the scene that precedes it, in which Pitt and Claire Forlani walk away from each other down a city street for what feels like forever, the soundtrack assuring us that this is the most poignant shit we've ever seen. First she stops and looks back, and then he does, then her, then him, her again , him again , and then, boom, cars. Forlani puts visible effort into projecting yearning and indecision into her backward glances.

With similarly-timed entries to the entertainment industry, it's taken Pitt and DiCaprio decades to collaborate on the big screen — the latter playing a washed-up s TV actor called Rick Dalton and the former his laid-back stunt double Cliff Booth. So how did the Inglourious Basterds star find working with one of his most gifted and beloved peers? Related: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood credits scene explained. I had a laugh with him. You've got the best of the best holding up that scene with you and there's a great relief in that. Leonardo is really giving and generous.

With an industry that generates nearly all of its business on the back of marketable franchises, be they of the animated, superhero or Disney live-action adaptation variety, chock full of interchangeable actors and actress who spend much of their time inside the costume of a character more famous than they'll ever be, it feels as though there's simply no place for them any more. Long gone are the days when a movie could exist, let alone rule the box office, solely off the wattage of its top-billed actors. And in an age where social media influencers carry more clout with certain subsets of the movie-going audience than most actors could ever dream of—if those movie-goers are even, you know, going to the movies anymore—the sun seems to be setting on the era of the movie star. Hell, with four of his last five movies being franchise installments, even Tom Cruise has given in to the new world order. But like we said, there are still a few left. And at the top of that shrinking list, almost all by their lonesome, stand Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

These are external links and will open in a new window. The film follows the close relationship between a struggling actor in s Los Angeles and his stunt double. Ahead of its UK release this week, the pair sat down with BBC Breakfast' s Charlie Stayt to discuss getting fired, and almost getting fired, during the early days of their careers. Video duration When DiCaprio got fired - and Pitt almost did Jump to media player The stars of Quentin Tarantino's latest film share stories from the early days of their careers. Hollywood director rejected a question about Margot Robbie's lack of lines in the movie. The Hollywood stars who visit Edinburgh Jump to media player Edinburgh has had its share of famous faces over the past few months.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood review: Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt shine in nostalgic trip

But the mood in this, his ninth feature, is for the most part affectionate rather than obsessive. Rick is an actor on the downward slope of a moderately successful career. Not a has-been, exactly, but not quite what he used to be or might have been. His duties include driving Rick whose license has been suspended to and from auditions and sets, performing minor household repairs and generally being available as a sounding board and drinking partner. The inequality between the men — Rick lives in a spacious ranch house up in the hills, Cliff in a cluttered trailer down in the valley — is what dignifies their bond, just as the contrast of their temperaments sustain it. Rick, a sloppy drinker and a furious smoker, wears his feelings close to the surface.


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