Difference between horticulture and agriculture

Agricultural Science and Horticulture

difference between horticulture and agriculture

From our refreshing early morning herbal infusion to the delicious steak we have for dinner, plants and animals play a vital role in our daily lives. A broad term that covers forestry, agronomy, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and horticulture. Its scope covers root crops, fruits.

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For most people out there, agriculture and horticulture could mean one thing or the other. Agriculture is the more popular and the widely known term and most people are of the opinion that horticulture is yet another sophisticated term for agriculture and often make the mistake of using the two terms synonymously. Therefore, it is wise to know what these terms mean individually prior to moving on to the factors which set them apart. What is agriculture? Derived out of a mixture of Latin words agri which means field and cultura which means culture, the term agriculture refers to the production of food and goods through farming and forestry. Agriculture is known as the key aspect which contributed towards the development of civilization as this eventually led to the creation of a network of food supply which were thus cultivated with the aim of feeding the population.

Agriculture vs Horticulture. Horticulture is discussed as a subdivision under the agriculture. Therefore, these two have similar characteristics in one hand. On the other hand, they are different to each other. This could be understood, through a comparison of the characteristic of these two. The word agriculture is derived from Latin with the meaning of field cultivation. That means cultivation in a large scale.

Are they indeed the same? This article will answer that question. Horticulture is a subset of agriculture that deals with the cultivation, marketing, study, and technology of all kinds of plants. Its application provides food, products for personal use, economic gain, and enhancement of surroundings. Its chief purpose is to provide food for human consumption and provide other human necessities like clothing and medicines. However, it is also applied to generate profit.

Agriculture is the cultivating of crops and animals for human consumption, while horticulture is the study and cultivation of plants without the use of animals.
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Many people have a difficult time understanding the differences between horticulture and agriculture. This may occur because some agricultural strategies cross over into horticultural strategies. Linguistically the term agriculture comes from the combination of the Latin words agri field and cultura cultivation. Horticulture comes from the combination of the Latin words hortus garden and cultura. Cultivating a field vs.

Difference between Horticulture and Agriculture

The disciplines of horticulture and agriculture are often closely linked, but they serve different functions within society., Cultivation is essential to the survival of human beings. We have depended on cultivation for food and livelihood since Stone Age.

Horticulture Vs. Agriculture

But how does horticulture relate to other agricultural sciences? In this blog, we discuss the similarities and differences and demonstrate how the fields actually relate and overlap. What do you think of when you consider the words horticulture and agriculture? Perhaps, you see horticulture as small-scale, like gardening, and see agriculture as large-scale, like farming. Generally speaking, this assumption is somewhat true, but greater differences exist. Horticulture can actually be classified as a field under the umbrella of agricultural science. That being said, they both use many of the same techniques for crop cultivation and overlap with crop and turf sciences.


Difference between Agriculture and Horticulture






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