Bruno mars straight up and down mp3 download

Bruno Mars Straight Up Down Live At The Apollo

bruno mars straight up and down mp3 download


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Tempo: variable around 80 BPM. This track ends without fading out. Duration: - Sample at: All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music. Login Forgotten password?

No pop historian in the business right now is as successful at reinventing top 40's past as Bruno Mars. Since his emergence, the singer-songwriter has displayed the ability to capture the essence of what made so many of the greats' music timeless, making him one of the most consistently popular artists of his era. Once you've fallen under its spell, check out some of the older songs that likely helped influence Mars' latest gem. The title track and lead single from Bruno's latest synthesizes a bevy of influences into one of his most irresistible concoctions to date, but one will feel particularly obvious to '80s funk devotees from the first seconds of Mars' heavily vocodered hit. If you're talking a slow-and-easy strut based on sweet synths and gently popping bass, you gotta invoke the type's all-time gold standard: Cameo 's pop-funk classic "Candy," which the second track on Bruno's new LP echoes down to the letter structure of its one-word title. Reaching back a little further than most of the MTV-era grooves on 24K Magic , "Perm" channels the Godfather of Soul for the album's sweatiest workout.

Lexie Shine, GanGubass, Turno ft. Da Brozz feat. Landon Gadoci, J. Finesse feat. Cardi B.

Girl I bet your momma named you good lookin' 'Cause you sure look good to me My attention, oh, yes, you just took it You're probably the finest thing that I ever seen And nobody at the party droppin' it low like the way that you do You got me sayin: Damn girl, break it down for me. Take it nice and slow, let me watch while you turn around Just back it up on me girl, right now, right now. I got your body rockin' side to side straight up! I put you on and now you're feelin' right straight up! I know exactly what is on your mind straight up!

Straight up & Down

It was released worldwide on November 18, , by Atlantic Records. The album is considered by some music critics to be influenced by s and early s pop nostalgia.

Bruno Mars 24K Magic Album (Download)






Straight Up And Down. Bruno Mars Eminem-royce Da 5'9-bruno Mars MB K plays. Just The Way Bruno Mars The Lazy Song. Bruno Mars.
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