My boyfriend always accuses me of cheating and lying

Boyfriend Accuses Me Of Cheating And Lying: What Should I Do?

my boyfriend always accuses me of cheating and lying

What All Men Do When They're Cheating

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I have been with my first love for more than 10 years. He is getting to be really clingy he thinks that I'm cheating on him with some other guy. I have told him I'm not, but he won't listen or believe me. What can I do? I don't know how you've reacted to your boyfriend, but, often, when someone's falsely accused, they'll brush off false accusations by shutting down the conversation, avoiding their partner, or making absolute claims, like it's impossible that they'd ever cheat. It hurts to be wrongly accused of hurting someone you love, so we want to shut down such talk fast.

You're not the first person to experience this, and I'm going to explain one simple reason why he may be doing this. In order words, are you sure he isn't accusing you of cheating and lying because he's actually the one that has been cheating and lying to you? By accusing you of cheating and lying, it's possible he's diverting your attention away from what he has been up to.
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I dated someone that was convinced that every single guy was trying to get into my knickers. If they were flirtatious or just happened to look in my direction, an interrogation would follow. It felt so oppressive, and we had terrible arguments as a result. Thankfully I broke it off. Obviously, you need to fess up.

My Boyfriend Is Convinced I'm Cheating on Him

I'm lucky enough to say that I've never been cheated on but all of my friends who have been cheated on say that, in hindsight, there were signs they totally overlooked. And, I mean, I don't blame them for overlooking! If you're in a happy relationship you usually aren't looking for signs your partner is cheating.

Classic sociopathic control strategy: Accusing you of cheating

I was sitting at my kitchen table one day during my marriage to the sociopath, James Montgomery. All of a sudden, Montgomery accused me of sleeping with another man. I had been friends with the man for about 15 years before I even met Montgomery. We were good friends. The accusation came out of thin air.





11 Clues Your Partner Is Cheating


Originally Answered: Why does my boyfriend accuse me of cheating and lying to him and won't believe in me when I tell him I would never do.
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