Rice and beans wesley chapel

Great Puerto Rican foid - Rice N Beans

rice and beans wesley chapel

With the Family at "Rice and Beans" Restaurant video by Jose Rivera 4:10:18

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A hole in the wall with super Puerto Rican food at a good price. Good service and good prices cannot be beat. Have a cold one and have some rice and beans with your favorite meat. Just walking in here made you feel like you were in the Island of Puerto Rico. The service was great and the food was delicious. Great Food Great Atmosphere!

First time since the place opened. The food is very good. The restaurant is also very nice. Prices are decent. The staff is friendly. One thing I didn't care for was our table location. I faced the wall and was next to the kitchen.

Hidden behind a gas station is a great little gem waiting to provide a good feeling for your tummy. Worth stopping in and checking out the menu. Great service, place is clean and neat, food is authentic and delicious. Try the alcapurrias and morcillas. A hole in the wall with super Puerto Rican food at a good price. Good service and good prices cannot be beat.

We reviewed Rice and Beans when they were in Lutz - was really impressed then with the food, but it was a tiny little place, and was difficult to get into. Now, in Wesley Chapel, food is just as wonderful and authentic and we were This is one of our favorite restaurants. They closed for 6 months while moving to a new location. The food continues to be great. The new location is much larger and nicer than the old one. Bad news is we have to drive twice as

Rice N Beans, Wesley Chapel

I've heard of this place when they were at their previous location but never had the chance to try them., Pipo's and Callaloo partner Mario Farias, Munch's owner Larry Munch and veteran restaurant operator Jon LaBudde are behind the colorful indoor-outdoor hangout on the water with more than seats and an "old St.

Rice and Bean Tostados/Tacos


Rice and Beans








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    New York couple makes Wesley Chapel home and connects community with delicious food

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    Wesley Chapel, Florida.

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