Calculate the ph and poh of 0.05 m hcl solution

PH of 0.015 M HCL is?

calculate the ph and poh of 0.05 m hcl solution

pH = -log [H+] [H+] = M pH = -log pH = pH + pOH = 14 pOH = 14 - pOH =

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Since sodium hydroxide is a strong base, it will dissociate completely in water. This means that the concentration of the base will be equal to the concentration of hydroxide ions after the reaction runs to completion. We can find the concentration of hydroxide ions via stoichiometry. One hydroxide ion is created from each molecule of sodium hydroxide that dissociates. The question asks us to find the pH of the solution, so we will need to convert pOH to pH.

The strength of an acid or base is determined by its ability to dissociate in water. These dissociation constants are calculated as a ratio of the amount of acid or base that is separated into ions over the amount of acid or base that is still together in acid or base form. Therefore strong acids and bases will have Ka and Kb values greater than one since they are completely dissociated. Weak acids and bases have values less than one since the concentration of the acid or base that remains together will be greater than the concentration of the separated ions. Solutions with a pH of less than 7 are considered acidic and solutions with a pH of greater than 7 are considered basic. Below are some more of the relations between acid and base concentration and pH:. For now, we will only worry about calculating the concentration and pH of solutions containing strong acids and bases.

Answer all questions. Also, provide a short justification statement for your choice. Points will be given for the correct answer and for the justification. Which of the following compounds will produce a gas when HCl is added to the solid compound? HCl is a strong acid producing a yellow-green colored gas above the acid solution. When lithium metal is reacted with nitrogen gas, under proper conditions, the product is:.

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pH, pOH of strong acids and bases

A strong acid with a strong base. A weak acid with a strong base.,






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    How do I calculate the pH of M of HCl? The concentration of the HCl in solution is thus the same as the hydrogen concentration.

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