I peed in the pool and i liked it

Please Stop Peeing In The Swimming Pool, CDC Says

i peed in the pool and i liked it

Stop peeing in the pool. Chlorine doesn't work like you think.

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It is a swimming pool, not a toilet. Photo: Getty Images. Yes, there is a "p" in the word pool. But that doesn't mean there should be pee in the pool. A swimming pool is not a toilet.

Try not to think about this the next time you go swimming: Pools are disgusting. Considering the general size of the human bladder which squeezes out around milliliters per pee , that must mean the piss came from, at minimum, different people. All of this, of course, raises the question of what happens to all that pee, and the answer depends on whether the pool is ever totally drained. Instead, the chlorine changes the urine into different chemicals. According to the internet always a trustworthy source! This is one reason those signs by the pool that nobody ever reads tell everyone to shower before getting in. And blood, too, can cause those disinfectant byproduct mutagens.

Okay, admit it. After all:. Now, peeing in a lake is a decent alternative, but without the big dose of chlorine you might actually get someone sick if they go under and swallow a mouthful. Photo from: here and here. Never done that. I really like your list but this one is just gross.

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By Erika Engelhaupt. April 8, at pm. Because it probably will. Swimming pools are basically huge blue toilet bowls. Cyanogen chloride forms when chlorine from the pool reacts with nitrogen in urine.

Gross, right? I managed to track down one of these unrepentant pool pee-ers and get him to answer for his crimes. Here's what happened. It's not like I make a point of it. If bathrooms are easily accessible and I'm sober and I'm just swimming around, I will get up and use the restroom. But if there's a whole thing with like a locker room with like naked dudes—not that I have a problem with naked dudes, I just don't want to be around naked people if I don't have to—and if there's like an angle situation And hallways.


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Where Does the Piss Go When You Piss in the Pool?


I Peed in the Pool

This is what happens when you pee in the pool






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