Something cool and easy to draw step by step

How To Draw For Kids

something cool and easy to draw step by step

How To Draw a Chain Link - EASY- Step By Step


So they call you Quick-Draw around here: Well, hold on to your pens! It's time to put your money where your marks are with this fast and furiously fun drawing game. Go it alone or grab two or more friends, paper and pens. One player at a time judges each round by pulling from a stack of 96 cards, reading instructions aloud. Contestants immediately scribble to silly prompts like: "Draw a rowboat floating on top of a mountain" or "Draw a laughing squid talking on a cell phone while sitting in a bathtub. The player with the most cards wins!

Drawing is more like driving: The more you practice, the better you get.
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The compass rose has a long and colorful history dating back to ancient Greece. It's a valuable tool for cartographers and navigators around the world, and there are many beautiful renderings of this simple, effective device. Below, we will show you how draw a point compass rose of your own. To draw a compass rose, start by drawing a circle with 1 horizontal and 1 vertical line intersecting in the center. Then, use a protractor to mark 16 equidistant points around the circle, and draw a straight line through each point. Next, draw a circle along the 16 points, followed by another circle inside of that one. Finally, draw the main cardinal points and then the secondary and final points inside of the main circle.


GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Clara considered where to start while looking at her first drawing application. - Today I will show you how to draw something really cool. I will show you how to draw an impossible triangle..


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