Young and the restless salaries

Soap Star Salaries

young and the restless salaries

Amelia Heinle has pretty much dedicated her acting career to soap operas. She started out in working on the soap opera Loving as Stephanie Brewster. In she joined the cast of The Young and the Restless as Victoria Newman to replace Heather Tom — this career change has.

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I have posted this before a long time ago… but here it is again… for those who do not believe the Vets can make a couple of million a year…. Nice gig once you are there for awhile… but times can be real lean as an actor… I think they are all going to have to take some big cuts in the near future… times are tough everywhere. OT: What do the writers make??? The only person to ever really make a million would be Susan Lucci on daytime ever. Even Kim Zimmer stated that she was probably the only one to get that high of a salary. The soap stars especially the veterans become expensive over years and decades even with fans crying for them.

If you've ever been home during the day and decided to watch TV, you've probably seen a soap opera episode or two. The scandal-packed, climactic-filled dramas gained popularity in the s and have been a daytime television staple ever since. From General Hospital to Days of Our Lives , the soap opera genre has not only dominated midday TV but has also given actors the opportunity to show off their acting chops. Due to the immediate popularity of soap operas, stars like Kelly Monaco, John Aniston and Eric Braeden have become household names. And although these stars may only appear on daytime television, they're net worths rival some of film's top stars.

Young and the Restless fans know that they have something good going for them. This is one of those shows that is constantly rated best of the best in all things.
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While many may think TV actors make loads of cash every year, that isn't always the case, especially for soap-opera stars. As with other actors and even professional recording musicians, the pay range for soap-opera acting varies greatly, depending upon experience and the amount of work. This is for a potentially recurring role, but with only a few lines and limited face time. There is no specific pay chart that applies to all soaps; it can vary greatly from one show to another. There's also no guarantee that one day or week's work will lead to more down the road for the same show.

Have you ever wondered how much money your favorite soap stars make? It's not easy to pin the numbers down since the salaries of daytime actors and actresses remain rather private information. By contrast, the salaries of actors and actresses on primetime hit shows is not a secret. The opposite holds true, however, when it comes to the world of daytime soaps. We did some digging to find out what numbers are available, according to SAG and celebrity spoiler and income comparison sites.

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