James welsh and loni love

Loni Love Reveals Her Virile Vanilla King—But Why’d He Ghost Her For Two Weeks?!

james welsh and loni love

Loni Love KISSES her boyfriend James Welsh LIVE on her show + MORE!

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Loni Love is having an awesome She was recently nominated for a daytime Emmy, thanks to co-hosting hit talk show The Real she won her first in , and she was recently tapped to host the 25th Annual Essence Festival , marking the first time the star-studded fest has had a female host. All of that is amazing, but the comedian says the best part of the year has been boyfriend James Welsh. The pair first met on a dating app last August. The thing I think that I was missing in my life was that I was always conforming to what the man wanted instead of saying this is what I want to do. I was getting all types of men. And it worked out!

Powered by WordPress. The Real host is gearing up to host at the Essence Festival while balancing a healthy relationship while giving advice to women out there who might be suffering in a toxic relationship. Loni is the first woman ever, in 25 years to host the main stage, following in the footsteps of fellow comedians Steve Harvey, Nephew Tommy and Roy Woods Jr. We make sure that the show moves along. It just happened for me. But this just happened. I looked at the point of his compatibility with me and you know, he likes me, I like him, we commute, boom.

Talk show host Loni Love , of the daytime chatfest The Real , recently opened up more than ever before regarding her interracial relationship with her boyfriend James Welsh. She also discussed not settling for love, white privilege, and more. However, Love also got serious when she opened up regarding her decision to date outside her race during an interview with HelloBeautiful , saying:. It just happened for me. But this just happened. I looked at the point of his compatibility with me and you know, he likes me, I like him, we commute, boom.

In fact, he did small roles in some movies.
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Loni Love's relationship with her boyfriend actor James Welsh is moving quickly. According to a person close to Loni - the two have moved in together. Well actually - James has moved in with Loni. Loni's pal explained, "James is a great guy, but he's in between [acting] roles. So I don't think he has the flexibility right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Loni's paying the bills.

Entertainment News. Entertainment Music News. Loni Love recently opened up about dating a White man and how his race was an afterthought when it came to their compatibility. I was getting all types of men. Love began dating James Welsh, an actor and small business owner, last August after meeting on a dating app.

Coy as she might try and play about it, Loni Love has a new man in her life. Like this one for example:. For two weeks at that. I can let him answer. It may not last! That ended up being short-lived.

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    Loni Love Opens Up About James Welch & Interracial Love | HelloBeautiful

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    #TeamBeautiful caught up with Loni Love, who opened up about her relationship with James Welch.

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