Mount and blade troop tree

Custom Troop Trees mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

mount and blade troop tree


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Just unzip into your Modules folder like with any other mod. Version 1. Unfortunately no, this is not save game compatible with Native, Diplomacy or any other mods. The different versions are also not save game compatible, so if upgrading to a later version it is necessary to start a new game. Not at this time. Maybe the save game editor will work if you select heroes and non-hero troops in the transfer option, but I haven't tested it back up saves before trying anything. I will look into making this possible.

Troop trees show the progression of units for a given faction or group. Each of the Native Trees - These are the same troops used in the native Warband game.
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Troop trees show the progression of units for a given faction or group. Each of the six main factions have their own unique troop tree, and there are other troop trees besides. Different factions' troop trees specialize in different areas of combat, while others are balanced. There are actually three separate sets of troop trees in the Floris mod, and you use one or another depending on the settings you choose at the beginning of the game. They are:.

Khergit vassal here. My army generally consists of Khergit lancers and Khergit veteral horse archers, while I have had a few Vaegir knights. I seem to be able to defeat most armies with my epic cavalry rush :p So I don't know if Khergits are the "worst" faction. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?

Troop Trees image - A New Dawn mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

Troop trees

In Gekokujo , every clan has a similar Ashigaru troop tree and a Samurai troop tree, whereas Ikko Ikki additionally has a special branch of Monk fighters. The only differences come from some clan-specific weapon preferences and elite units. They consist of one elite-tier Ashigaru unit type, and two Hatamoto-tier Samurai units, which represents the best soldiers available in the clan. Equivalent units of two clans have the same base stats need verification , randomness nature of troop stats will lead to differences between the units of each clan. Unlike the troop names in Native , all the troop names found in Gekokujo are consistent, meaning a veteran Ashigaru will be at roughly the same level as its Samurai counterpart see below chart. Ashigaru are trained peasants armed with spears, bows and muskets. They can be recruited as peasants from any village at a cost of 10 mon each.

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In Gekokujo, every clan has a similar Ashigaru troop tree and a Samurai troop are soldiers who have demonstrated their skill in fighting with sword and spear.
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    Understanding the differences between the troops they can recruit and train, and how to command them to gain their fullest benefit, is the key to success as a military commander.

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    Troop Trees | Floris Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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    The following are the troop trees of the various factions.

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