Katy mixon mike and molly

Katy Mixon on ‘American Housewife,’ Her Bond With ‘Mike & Molly’ Co-Star Melissa McCarthy

katy mixon mike and molly

Katy Mixon On Working With Melissa McCarthy - WWHL

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In Season 4, Molly has put her teaching days behind her and decides to write a crime fiction novel. Check out what she had to say after the jump. We ended Season 3 with Victoria going to junior college and getting a real degree. She does that on the side, to earn a living. It deals with the funeral home. We deal with some cigarettes.

I just rock and roll in a different way. Since then it has morphed into more than that. I knew going in that, yes, it was about her weight, because she really is bigger than anybody else. Everybody else is truly an incredible like 5-feet 2-inches and works out all the time. I knew stepping into this role, there were so many different places for it to go. I know. I had been doing that for six years and could not be more grateful for that time of my life.

Katy Mixon born March 30, is an American actress. Mixon was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida ; she is one of seven siblings. Mixon's first acting job came in , playing Calpurnia in the Utah Shakespearean Festival 's presentation of Shakespeare 's Julius Caesar. In , she starred in the premiere of the interactive theater play American Standard at the Los Angeles Edgefest. Mixon has performed at Upright Cabaret. Mixon has made her motion picture debut in the thriller film The Quiet starring Elisha Cuthbert , playing the character Michelle Fell. Mixon had bigger a role in the comedy film Four Christmases playing Jon Favreau 's younger wife.

Katy Mixon

Mixon talks to Variety about diving into her starring role, her bond with Melissa McCarthy and portraying a TV mom while preparing to become a mother in real life. I was so ready; I welcomed it with open arms. Going from the Victoria character to Katie Otto, who has three children and wears hardly any makeup — and covers everything — it was just amazing.

Katy Mixon Interview on Mike & Molly and Eastbound & Down

Michael Schneider. I grew up watching her, that show. But first, as she was just weeks away from giving birth to her second child, Mixon shared how her real-life motherhood has coincided with playing a mom on TV. Listen below! To keep her sanity, Katie is often seen conversing with her pals, played by Carly Hughes and Ali Wong.



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