Sally face x male reader

Is Sally Face A Girl Or A Boy?

sally face x male reader

ONESHOTS, HEADCANNONS, and IMAGINES. (Also the NSFW Alphabet) ( REQUESTS OPEN) Literally any MALE character from Sally Face is allowed.

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Keep reading. When they get jealous. What the Creeps Listen To. How would slender and the other proxies to Toby not taking care of himself. Proxies headcannons. Masky and Toby finding They will Have a Heir royal au. What do you mean you want to go?

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Of course, doll! Thank you??? I enjoy creating it! Why, such a wholesome request, with a character of my choice? Just one? Hey guys! The Mirio x Male!


See, thatís what the app is perfect for.


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  1. Lelia M. says:

    While an inmate Sal ends up accidently running into an old friend from his childhood. He; Charged with armed robbery, Sal; (possibly) framed for murder. Each remember times before their lives when to shit as Sal's court date gets closer and closer.

  2. Katie D. says:

    Buffalo springfield for what its worth dave the barbarian theme song

  3. Jaime L. says:

    You left before the cubaverdad.orgson incident, and return a few days after charley was arrested. when you get back you hear about what happened from your best friend larry. he also introduces you to someone named sal also named sally face. Jason Dean x Male Reader What if JD survives.

  4. Barbea A. says:

    I started getting into Rekt back in November after the break up with my emotionally abusive ex.

  5. Grecia C. says:

    Why do i have red bumps on my buttocks words containing the letter q

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