Types of keys and locks

Lock and key

types of keys and locks

Be on guard and keep your physical properties safe and locked by learning about the different types of keys that you can use for all sorts of locks and purposes.

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Locks were born out of necessity as people sought ways to protect their possessions. Though the first locks were made from a series of rope knots and bore no resemblance to the locks used today, they served the same purpose and were the inspiration for a new technology that would forever change the face of history. The ancient Egyptians developed a similar technology and are generally credited with creating the first mechanical lock , which was a basic pin tumbler lock made entirely from wood. They were also the first to incorporate this feature into their architecture as a means of security. This lock was made up of a wooden post attached to the door and a bolt that could slide horizontally into the post. The bolt was outfitted with a set of openings that were filled with pins, and a large wooden key was created with pegs that matched the holes and pins. If the key was placed into the opening and lifted up, then the pins would move and allow the security bolt to be moved as well.

Lock and Keys are used for securing doors of rooms, lockers as well as safes. Locks and keys may also be used to fasten or protect something against security threats like thieves. The concept of Lock and Keys have been around for centuries and the types of locks and keys have evolved over time. Padlocks are the types of locks that are detachable with a hinged loop which can be secured to the object by a solid ring attached to the object. Padlocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and build qualities. You can use padlocks to protect your bicycles, suitcases as well as tools like ladders which are kept outside.


How does a Pin Tumbler Lock work?

GOAL brand door lock key types

There are many different types of locks, and we encounter them all the time. Today, just as in ancient times, locks all serve the same basic function: they help us feel safe, providing an inexpensive although sometimes imperfect means of security. The key has notches or slots that correspond to the obstructions in the lock, allowing it to rotate freely inside the lock. Warded locks are typically reserved for basic, low-security applications since a well-designed skeleton key can easily open most them. The lever tumbler lock uses a set of you guessed it levers to prevent a bolt from moving inside the lock.

A lock is a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object such as a key, keycard , fingerprint , RFID card, security token , coin etc. A key is a device that is used to operate a lock such as to lock or unlock it. A typical key is a small piece of metal consisting of two parts: the bit or blade , which slides into the keyway of the lock and distinguishes between different keys, and the bow , which is left protruding so that torque can be applied by the user. The key serves as a security token for access to the locked area; only persons having the correct key can open the lock and gain access. Common metals include brass , plated brass, nickel silver , and steel.


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    The first keys appeared about 6, years ago in Ancient Babylon and Egypt at the same time as the first locks were invented.

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    A lock is a mechanical or electronic fastening device that is released by a physical object by supplying secret information.

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