White wine and orange juice

White sangria

white wine and orange juice

Wine Based cocktails


I think we need to continue with this Blogiversary Celebration and have a sip or a pitcher of this fresh and fruity White Sangria. Is there any better way to celebrate? So many of you came by yesterday and made my day. Your congratulatory messages mean the world to me and for that I thank you. I wish I could hug you all. You rock!

A simple fruity white wine sangria made with oranges, white peaches and fresh squeezed orange juice. Served with a splash of sparkling water. I love sangria. Especially during the summer. The fresh fruit mixed with the sweet wine.

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December 30, A white wine spritzer is the perfect party drink any time of the year. Blood oranges are in season during the winter months, as is most citrus. Wine spritzers are a great choice if you are trying to watch your calorie intake while still being able to enjoy a wine cocktail. Blood Orange White Wine Spritzer.

Cocktails with White Wine Orange Juice Recipes

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