Dave and busters virtual reality

Dave & Buster's Jurassic World VR ride goes for safe thrills

dave and busters virtual reality

Jurassic World VR Expedition Fallen Kingdom - Dave & Busters (HTC VIVE Virtual Reality)

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Playing games in virtual reality can feel kinda anti-social, even when your buddies are in the same room. You're probably locked into a world only you can see properly, and you'll likely be wearing headphones for true immersion. HTC says the setups will deliver "new and exclusive experiences. You and three friends can strap into a motion simulator and rescue some dinosaurs on Isla Nublar, where Jurassic World is set. There are some VR multiplayer games too, but it's a little more complicated to get some friends together in the same room for VR multiplayer than it is to, say, hand each of them a DualShock 4 controller. Hopefully, this new partnership will make it less weird to yell at virtual bad guys or your friends in a public space. Buyer's Guide.

After ending on a weak note, the Dallas-based brand reported same-store sales growth of 2. Revenue climbed 8. The chain, feeling the heat of competition from emerging entertainment concepts such as Punch Bowl Social, has so far added three proprietary virtual reality titles. The taco bar, designed to look like a food truck, provides an option for customers looking for a quick bite in between video games. Chain executives predicted same-store sales to remain flat or grow by up to 1. These emerging chains are the growth vehicles to watch—the ones poised to be major industry players in the coming years.

Dave & Buster’s sees promise in virtual reality games, pared-down menu

CNET - Dave and Buster's Jurassic World VR Simulator



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    Dave & Buster’s announces new virtual reality experiences | blooloop

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    May 23, VRstudios and Dave & Buster’s has announced new virtual reality VRcade Arena experiences, including VRcade PowerPlay and Barking Irons Gunslinger. Barking Irons Gunslinger lets players step into the Wild West and compete in three different game modes – a ‘High Noon’ fast.

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