Willie nelson and snoop dogg song

Snoop Dogg Bought Willie Nelson The Cutest Sweater Like I Can't

willie nelson and snoop dogg song

"Snoop Lion" talks Willie Nelson and pot

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Friends come in different shapes and sizes and they say that an unlikely friendship is the one that lasts. So today, we are going to look into the story of the year-old country singer from Texas and the year-old gangster rapper from California. Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson established their bond in the Netherlands and of course, well, you guessed itů strengthened by the haze of pot. On April 20, , Willie Nelson had a concert in Amsterdam. Snoop Dogg called Nelson and asked if he wanted to make a song together. When Nelson agreed, Snoop decided not to wait for the end of the tour, but flew straight to Amsterdam and joined Willie for the concert.

Snoop Dogg has his own line of marijuana. So does Willie Nelson. Melissa Etheridge has a marijuana-infused wine.
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It was a fitting Christmas present from one world renowned pot enthusiast to another. The country music legend Willie Nelson lit up social media this week when he tweeted a photo of himself in a red and green sweater depicting a marijuana leaf adorned with lights and a star and "smoke weed everyday" printed in white letters. And, indeed, the sweater was a gift from the rapper himself. Thank you SnoopDogg for the Christmas Sweater pic. While the exchange may have been, by some appearances, a lighthearted attempt to plug Snoop Dogg's clothing line when he reposted the picture of Nelson on Instagram, he linked to his online store , it was nothing out of the ordinary for the two artists.

He regaled reporters with mostly NSFW stories about time the pair spent together in Amsterdam, sharing their mutual love of music, marijuana and fried chicken. The always lighthearted Snoop also got serious when talking about his friendship with Nelson and the year-old singer's unique role as a musical ambassador. I made a couple of country records and was a part of his album and went to the Country Music Awards and worked with Brad Paisley , went to Johnny Cash 's house. I was getting heavy into it and finding country music is a form of hip-hop music. It's the same thing.

Matthew McConaughey & Snoop Dogg Cover Willie Nelson

Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson are fond of each other, and it's not hard to guess why. They are perhaps the greatest living cultural icons of their respective musical genres, but more significant to their relationship is their standing as the world's most prominent weed smokers.

Did you see what Snoop Dogg gifted Willie Nelson for Christmas?

From Louis Armstrong to Lady Gaga, countless musicians have gone on record about their love for weed. Smoking can help with creativity, aid in relaxation, even expand the mind. Here are the 20 best weed-themed songs of all time. I kind of liked marijuana. This is not a bad idea.





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