Hercules and the princess of troy

Hercules and the Princess of Troy (Hercules vs. the Sea Monster)

hercules and the princess of troy

Hercules and the Princess of Troy is a Italian fantasy film adventure directed by Albert Band. It was originally made as a pilot for a television series which.

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Hercules had been very good to Joseph Levine. Furthermore, Hercules continued to draw substantial crowds at revival screenings even twenty years later despite having been released to television in , eventually selling an estimated 24 million tickets. The sequel, Hercules Unchained , proved similarly profitable and similarly long-legged. Rather, I suspect that Levine who took credit as executive producer was put up to giving Hercules one last go by Albert Band credited as director and producer of the new venture. The show would be filmed over there, for one thing, using a primarily Italian crew, and it would star Gordon Scott a former Tarzan who had more recently played Maciste in Goliath and the Vampires and Samson and the Seven Miracles of the World in the title role.

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Hercules Gordon Scott sets out to save the city of Troy from a horrible sea monster. Meanwhile, the city is threatened by a different kind of monster--a smarmy politician who will stop at nothing to seize the throne. Ugo Liberatore Larry Forrester. Italy USA. Gordon Scott, my favorite screen Tarzan, goes to Italy and is enlisted by the residents of Troy to save them from a giant sea monster, in "Hercules and The Princess of Troy". I've been wanting to see one of the Gordon Scott Hercules movies for years.

It was originally made as a pilot for a television series which never materialized. It is also referred to as Hercules vs the Sea Monster in reference books. The film opens with the statement that the people of Troy must once a month sacrifice a maiden lest a sea monster destroy their city. Because of this, some families flee Troy only to be captured by pirates. Hercules Gordon Scott , aboard the Olympia , comes across one of these ships and frees the Trojans aboard.

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Hercules and the Princess of Troy

It was originally made as a pilot for a television series which never materialized.,


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