Movies like now and then

Movies like Now and Then

movies like now and then

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Sign up for our Watching Newsletter to get recommendations on the best films and TV shows to stream and watch, delivered to your inbox. And as a bonus, we mention 50 more great movies on Netflix within many of our writeups below. Note: Streaming services sometimes remove titles or change starting dates without giving notice. Three years after reinventing the Batman franchise with " Batman Begins " also streaming on Netflix , the director Christopher Nolan returned to Gotham, making a rare sequel that surpasses the original. Nolan crafts some of the sharpest, tightest set pieces of the series to date its opening bank robbery and nighttime prisoner transfer are astonishingly assured while Heath Ledger pierces in an Oscar-winning turn as the Joker, a frightening, take-no-prisoners snapshot of nihilistic evil.

And they can help those of us still trying to grow up feel not so alone. One of our favorite examples of their dialogue is an early scene in which Suzy stares down at the corpse of Snoopy a casualty from an early battle and asks if he was a good dog. The critics got a little picky with this one last summer, which is to be expected when a film is billed as an homage to one of the most successful directors of all time. The movie evolves from standard coming-of-age summer fare to a true horror film with aplomb, and although the ending was perhaps a little too E. Like many young American kids heading to Europe for a summer in this case Barcelona , Vicky and Cristina have grand notions of their vacation.

In , an ode to the tween summer coming-of-age film called Now and Then hit theaters. Flashing between and , the movie follows the four best friends as children and adults as they reminisce on a formative summer from their youth. But now, Netflix has finally announced that as of August 1, the '90s classic will be available to stream. Once you jump on the nostalgia wave, you're going to want to watch more movies of this ilk, so here are five other coming-of-age gems that you can stream once you're done with Now and Then. Based on the Ann M. Martin book series, The Baby-Sitters Club also premiered in

Posted on Friday, June 19th, by Ethan Anderton. Last week, the fantastic adaptation of Me and Earl an the Dying Girl hit theaters in a limited run, and this week the lively Dope also arrives on the big screen. Both are spectacular coming of age tales from two very different sides of the spectrum, but they both have wonderful young characters, engaging relationships, and are special in their own ways. And with these two magnificent coming of age movies hitting the big screen recently, we thought it was a good time to look back at some of the great films to come out of this subgenre. Do your favorite movies make the cut? Before we begin, just remember that this is all subjective.

Though it may not have received much hype at least in comparison to other major Netflix releases this charming throwback has captured the hearts of retro sci-fi fans everywhere with its spot-on tributes to the genre's very best. It's also got us reminiscing about the many great childhood adventure films over the years. Though perhaps not a genre that you're likely to see added to your Netflix menu in the near future, this type of movie is beloved by nearly every young film fan for its portrayal of kids on incredible journeys fraught with peril and brimming with excitement. While most childhood adventure films aim to portray what would happen if the fantastic journeys that children imagine themselves embarking on while they simply walk up and down their neighborhood streets, this movie tells the comparatively more grounded story of a babysitter that must leave her suburban home and take some kids on an adventure through Chicago in order to help her friend. What makes Adventures in Babysitting such a memorable entrant into the genre is the way that it treats the city of Chicago like some mystical land of fantasy and horror while only really playing up most of its natural elements. There are thieves, heroes, treasures and many incredible occurrences typically spurred on by the most rambunctious group of kids a babysitter could ever hope to find themselves having to watch.

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