Build and activate recruitment radio beacon

Radio Beacons / Radio Transmitter not working.

build and activate recruitment radio beacon

Fallout 4 - Taking Point: Starlight Drive-in - How to build and activate the radio beacon

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Living in a post-apocalyptic nuclear hellscape is hard work. Put aside the gross two-headed cows, the constant threat of death-by-[insert gun-toting faction here], the simple fact that drinking water gives you radiation poisoning. Just figuring out what to do is a challenge. At least, that's the way of things in Fallout 4. The game gives you all the tools you need to build then nurture a settlement in the nuke-blasted ruins of Boston, but it doesn't give a clear sense of how to use them.

How to unlock: You must complete The First Step side quest and talk to Preston Garvey in the place where he can be currently found. The quest is unlocked randomly. This quest is one of the many random ones connected to the Minutemen faction. You can receive it after you've completed The First Step side quest, talked to Preston Garvey and agreed to keep helping the Minutemen. You may be asked by Preston to place a radio beacon in some random location in the game's world. Use your Pip-Boy to find out where you need to go. Once you've reached your destination eliminate all raiders or monsters which may occupy the location where you've been sent to.

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Taking Point

A recruitment radio beacon is a constructible settlement object featured in Fallout 4. The recruitment beacon is a large radio antenna, that can be built at owned settlements.

Hidden Settlement Guide

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For the month of August, The Escapist is pulling the best of the best guides out of retirement. These are the top-ranked guides, re-published and re-shared. It isn't often you can just claim a lost island for yourself, but there's an unlockable settlement just waiting for Sole Survivors to take in Fallout 4. Close to the fortress headquarters of the Minutemen, Spectacle Island is an abandoned stretch of land that's pretty unique as far as locations go. Instead of getting a quest to claim the area like most bonus settlement jobs, this place has special requirement. That's right, this is a hidden settlement.

Taking Point is a Minutemen radiant quest in Fallout 4. After the completion of The First Step quest and speaking with Preston Garvey , he will tell the Sole Survivor that he has discovered another location that would make a good settlement. Once they arrive at the specified location, the Sole Survivor is required to clear the potential settlement of its hostile residents i. The second step is to use the workshop to build a recruitment radio beacon and power it with a generator. Once those steps are accomplished, the Sole Survivor may return to Preston Garvey to complete the quest and earn some experience points as a reward.

Clean the marked location; Build and activate the radio transmitter; Talk to Preston Garvey You must construct a Recruitment Radio Beacon - place this object.
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