Tarek and christina back together again

Christina El Moussa “Took Back” Tarek Is Fake News

tarek and christina back together again

Tarek El Moussa Emotionally Recounts 'Debilitating' Divorce From Christina Anstead - Access

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Insiders say Christina was caught cheating on Tarek , which led to an insane blowout fight. The couple announced this week that they'll be temporarily reuniting with big fake smiles on their face in order to film a seventh season of their hit HGTV show Flip or Flop. Tarek shared the news via Instagram, and even he sort of conceded that the situation is a strange one:. It's time to announce that our show, the OG Flip or Flop is being renewed for 20 episodes," Tarek wrote. Regardless of the situation, our job is to flip homes and create a TV show for people to enjoy around the world. Who's excited about this??? Well, he's right in that we're definitely bracing ourselves for disaster, but not the kind that involve home repairs.

There's a reason so many HGTV series are centered on husband-and-wife duos. Beyond the beautiful transformations, it's the personal moments in between that make home renovations so much fun to watch. But what happens when the marriage is no more? If you're Tarek and Christina El Moussa , the show goes on. In , the couple separated after seven years of marriage. Still, they've continued working together on Flip or Flop.

Maybe the two could work together in the future considering they are For now you can catch Christina and Tarek on HGTV, and their new.
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But in the case of Tarek and Christina, things are a little more complicated. Tarek and Christina met while working at a real estate office together and at first their relationship was nothing but business. Of course, that changed, but the point is that the pair has a history of working together without being romantically connected. Tarek and Christina got married in — the perfect time to start a home flipping career. The aftermath of the housing bubble meant tons of foreclosures flooding the market, which the El Moussas used to their advantage. Instead, they went out seeking a deal for a television show. They liked us and said to send a home video.

Tarek and Christina Back Together for New Season of ‘Flip or Flop’

FlipOrFlop was just picked up by hgtv for 15 new episodes!! Look for Season 8 to premiere in Spring

Christina & Tarek El Moussa: Are They Really Back Together?!

Track my home. But the true shocker that boggles our minds is this: Despite all of the drama and tension that plagued their relationship in the past, at this point, they seem to be getting along great. If anything seems amiss, it's their house flipping business: Indeed, the four-bedroom, two-bath home they've just purchased in Rowland Heights, in Los Angeles County, looks sketchy, with its tiny rooms, an illegal addition, and an eyesore of a pool in the backyard. Might this season's very first flip go south? But there are always surprises, right? Here's what they discover with this house flip, and what we can all learn from their experience.





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    Tarek and Christina, Back Together—on an Unforgettable Season to see them back together again on the Season 8 premiere of "Flip or Flop.

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