Sonic 3 and knuckles glitches and oversights hydrocity zone

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Glitches and Oversights - Launch Base Zone Part 3

sonic 3 and knuckles glitches and oversights hydrocity zone

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Glitches and Oversights - Marble Garden Zone

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That's not exactly a staple of solid game design when an element as basic as enemies are not only not necessary but not rewarding to actually defeat. I've always felt that to be a shortcoming in the series since inception though it doesn't really get too bad until the Advance and Rush games. Aside from those with projectile weapon most notoriously the starfish in Metropolis Zone , the majority of badniks pose no threat to you and have no real tangible benefit aside from higher score. It would be a terrible move on Sonic Team's to make you actually fight badniks, as in learn their patterns and whatnot - even though it does happen sometimes. Such is the case of that armadillo in Sonic CD's Stardust Speedway It would interrupt the player's flow, locking them in a section of the stage. The main role of enemies in classic Sonic games isn't to pose direct threat to you - instead, they shape your behaviour for the stage. It's a diffuse challenge slowly accomodating you to the stage's atmosphere, flow and pace.

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During normal gameplay in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Knuckles has yellow socks. This glitch is easy to see in Hydrocity Zone, where players are interacting with . However, a strange oversight means a solid platform exists.
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Bahasa Indonesia. EXE JDub. Greater Manchester, England. Started by: JDub. OK cool, thanks for clarifying. I guess it's more of a programming oversight that you can get over that one and not other ones elsewhere Star Light Zone springs to mind?

Should I assume this has something to do with the game crashing or behaving erratically when the camera points at very high X positions? No, there's nothing "unstable" about sewers or loopbacks; the game is just interpreting random data as a level layout. Might be fun to look into that, actually! I wonder then what is that exactly causes a crash there. Aside from using glitches to get the camera X position high enough, using a PAR code to disable the boundaries and getting to about X 0xA IIRC causes palette glitches or crashes, and even when objects aren't processed, going even further eventually crashes the game. Though, strangely, even if the camera doesn't follow Sonic, wrapping around the level in debug mode has a chance to crash or jump to Blue Spheres at certain points ie: Sandopolis Act 1 What is going on there? Thursday, June 8, What are sewers?

Difficulty Rating:. Music: Variations of similar music for each act. Lively and jazzy, with a certain aquatic theme to both of them. Act 2 is notably different in tune and one of my all-time favourite pieces of Sonic music with an absolutely superb climax. Welcome to Hydrocity, the ancient, submerged aqueducts of Angel Island.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Glitches and Oversights - Death Egg Zone

Sonic 3 and Knuckles Glitches and Oversights - Lava Reef Zone Act 1 + Megaglitch





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