Yvette and yvonne dr phil

These twin sisters are taking on the male-dominated cigar world

yvette and yvonne dr phil

Dr. Phil To Pair He Says Manipulated Each Other: ‘Pot Meet Kettle’

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She wasn't embarrassed. She enjoyed them. Even though their parents didn't smoke cigars, both sisters took their first puffs as teenagers. Two years ago, Yvette and Yvonne took a leap of faith. They gave up their jobs in public relations and media, respectively, and launched cigar brand called Tres Lindas Cubanas.

By Lola16 , April 1, in Dr. The followup show was kind of interesting, I guess. I enjoyed the cameo appearance by Erica Rose, except there was no mention of her stint on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad she probably wants to forget that ever happened, if she has any brains at all. I remember Erica Rose when she was on Dr Phil the first time, thinking she was a princess. Hopefully, she's less delusional now than she was then. Phil should seriously do a follow up on this family. They absolutely still need help.

I remember Erica Rose when she was on Dr Phil the first time, thinking One twin (Yvonne) is incarcerated, the other (Yvette) is on hardcore.
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Did anybody see it? It's the one where there are pill popping twins. I'm trying to figure out what type of accent the ladies have. Does anybody know? I only saw yesterdays show it kinda stressed me out. Those gals are wacked: I noticed the accent too, I could not figure it out at first I thought they had speech problems. Yesterday sometimes they just sat there and stare all stupid like:.

Thank you for speaking with me. Also, as it is our standard procedure, could you please email me some recent photos of yourself? Emily B[deleted for privacy purposes]. Associate Producer. The Dr. Phil Show.

Dr. Phil's show denies that it gave drugs and alcohol to guests with addictions

Yvonne, Yvette's twin, also abuses pills. "I became addicted to pain medication when my husband was in an accident. His doctor was giving him so many drugs, .
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    How twin sisters Yvette and Yvonne Rodriguez are breaking into the cigar world

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