Bugs and lola space jam

Space Jam Bugs and Lola Couple Costume

bugs and lola space jam

Space Jam Buga Bunny Meets Lola Bunny (1080p)

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But they were mainly just messing and fooling around, as Michael Jordan watched them. They were supposed to be training for the upcoming big basketball game against the Monstars. But so far, things weren't looking too well. Yosemite Sam shot the ball in the air and it flies, then it hit Daffy Duck in the butt. He falls to the ground. Wile E. Coyote picked up the ball, then the Roadrunner came along quickly and took it from him.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Bugs : You wanna play a little one on one, doll? Bugs : Sure. Tweety Bird : Ooo, she's hot.

Remember when stretched out his arm across the court to make that winning basket? That was enough to choke on your popcorn! And you can now have a piece of this cherished childhood memory with our space jam jerseys.
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Animation , she was created as "female merchandising counterpart" to Bugs Bunny. She first appeared as Bugs Bunny's girlfriend in the film Space Jam. Since Space Jam , Lola has appeared in most Looney Tunes projects such as television spin-offs, video games, comic books and merchandise. In most post- Space Jam media she is depicted as she was in this film. In this film Lola Bunny was planned to be Bugs Bunny's female counterpart.

Lola Bunny #10 Space Jam Tune Squad Looney Tunes Jersey

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Every Single One of Lola Bunny's Scenes In Space Jam

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Bugs Saves Lola - Space Jam (1996)


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