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brown and brown law firm

Personal injury lawyers Dan & Ed Brown lead our law firm to get clients justice & compensation for injuries & accidents in St. Louis & Fairview Heights.

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Legal problems can be stressful, but those related to our family, and our business produce the most anxiety. In order to avoid and resolve problems, move forward quickly and stress-free, you need to speak with professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy attorneys. Together, Faith Brown and Alvin Brown, have acquired over 30 years of combined legal experience. Alvin Brown has been a practicing attorney since and has an International Business and Investigative Law practice providing legal counseling, fraud examination, compliance program development, and discrete investigation services to clients in the private and government sectors. Faith Brown has practiced law since focusing exclusively in the areas of Collaborative and Family Law, primarily in the Twelfth Judicial Circuit Manatee and Sarasota counties. Whether our clients are individuals, family, business or large corporations, we maintain our caseload at a level that assures maximum attention is given to each of our clients.

In , when John F. Nowadays, you are likely to have one lawyer who helps you to sell your home, another lawyer who assists you when you merge your business with a competitor, and yet another lawyer who drafts your estate planning documents. Our firm is made up of experienced, committed attorneys who practice in specialized areas. Brown concentrates his practice in estate planning, probate, business and corporate law. District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the U. Supreme Court.

Jump to navigation. Our skilled lawyers work tirelessly to attain the maximum compensation our clients need in the difficult times in which they are the most vulnerable. As a family-founded law firm, we strive to serve our clients as though we were serving our own family. We take pride in helping each client with respect, integrity and a relentless pursuit of justice. Our firm began in St.

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Brown and Brown Attorneys at Law, P. For nearly two decades, the attorneys in our law firm have been leaders in Florida and the Tallahassee community. We have the legal experience and resources to properly use the justice system to help our clients. To obtain justice and safety for our clients, we pursue the goals of equality, fairness, honesty and integrity. It is our responsibility to protect justice and safety in our community and to ensure that every voice is heard. We are committed to helping the injured.




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