Olivia urban and francis ford

Oklahoma Tri Delta Member Booted For Video Of White Student In Blackface

olivia urban and francis ford

2 Univ Of Okalahoma Students Withdraw After Posting Blackface Snapchat Video

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This is the second such incident within a week. Another video of a student in blackface using a racial slur began circulating Friday, Jan Some held signs. Others wore tape over their mouths bearing the words StillUnheard. Gallogly was criticized for his initial response to the first video. He and interim Associate Vice President of the Office of University Community Jane Irungu released a statement the same day news of the first video broke. The statement also noted the two students involved in the initial video, Olivia Urban and Frances Ford, offered to apologize.

A student at the University of Oklahoma seen in a video in blackface has been expelled from her sorority over the incident. A video posted to Snapchat this week shows a white female student applying black paint to her face while talking to the camera. The student is heard possibly saying a racial slur while holding up her hands, also covered in black paint, though the audio is not entirely clear. Another student is seen laughing next to her while it is filmed. While students have the freedom of expression, the negative impact of such conduct cannot be underestimated. The students have offered to apologize in order to reflect their regret.

Two University of Oklahoma students who were involved in a racist Snapchat video featuring a white girl in blackface have permanently left the school, officials announced on Monday. The university was quick to condemn the video and said Friday it had launched an investigation. Gallogly said the university is still investigating whether there was a third student involved in the racist recording. Outraged, OU students had initially criticized their university for not taking any disciplinary action against the students who made the video, and for issuing a statement saying that the sophomores had offered to apologize. Racism is a sickness. Gallogly explained that school officials first heard of the video on Friday and began looking into it, but did not know when the students recorded it.

Frances Ford and Olivia Urban are former Oklahoma University students who withdrew from school and issued an apology after they were seen in a racist video. The video posted to Twitter was recorded by Ford and shows Urban wearing blackface and using a racial slur.
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Two University of Oklahoma students have left the school after facing outrage over a blackface video that was posted to social media. In the video, originally posted to Snapchat and then distributed to Twitter last Friday, a young woman is shown slathering black paint on her face and hands while laughing and saying racial slurs. The second woman, who was kicked out of her sorority after the video began to go viral, filmed the incident while also laughing. Simply put, this type of racist video has no place here or any place else. UoOklahoma : Your pinned tweet states: "The Sooner spirit believes in a little magic and a lot of passion, working hard to change the world, to love each other, and to do it all as one. I am an OU alumna. When the only thing given is a bs apology?

University Of Oklahoma student expelled from sorority after viral blackface video

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