Hammer house of mystery and suspense mark of the devil

Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense: Mark of the Devil

hammer house of mystery and suspense mark of the devil

Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense is a short-lived (one season) anthology television Mark of the Devil, 5 September , Brian Clemens Val Guest.

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Hi Cindy Lover! Thanks for commenting. I feel like somewhere deep down in the recesses of my burnt out brain I knew Brian Clemens was associated with The Woman Hunter I think. But had obviously forgotten.

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A new one every day. A desperate gambler in debt with a gangster robs a Chinese tattoo artist, getting stabbed and killing the man in the process. A black spot appears on his chest and begins to spread and turn into a condemning tattoo. Now Showing Rentals Feed Notebook. Directed by Val Guest.

Though similar in format to the series Hammer House of Horror , the Mystery and Suspense series had feature-length episodes, usually running around 70 minutes without commercials. It was first aired in the UK by ITV in , though it was shown in different timeslots and a different running order throughout the various ITV regions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Horror fiction -related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Mark of the Devil

House of Mystery and Suspense - Mark of the Devil / Arm Tattoo (Official Clip)

The anthology series "Hammer House of Mystery And Suspense" appears, with hindsight, to have been the final strangulated gasp of the once great Hammer brand name. Not withstanding repeated recent claims in successive press releases of the company's imminent revival. Four years previously, the television series "Hammer House of Horror" had been a huge success and looked certain to revive the fortunes of the ailing company. However, the series' co-financier ITC got into financial trouble after Lew Grade's disastrous big budget "Raise The Titanic" flop, and the expected second series with an increased budget never materialised. Reinstated to the board after Michael Carreras was forced to step down as Hammer's Managing Director when the company officially went into receivership, Lawrence and Skeggs set their sights on producing television movies using the Hammer brand name as a means of attracting interest. Now, story-editor Don Houghton started requesting script ideas from literary agents and ended up with synopsis from many Hammer regulars; Hammer veterans such as Val Guest, Peter Sasdy and John Hough were brought on board to direct several episodes; and funding for the series came from Twentieth Century Fox who stipulated a seventy-minute running time for each episode so that they could each be presented as a movie of the week broadcast under the name "Fox Mystery Theatre" for their US screenings.

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Title: Mark of the Devil 04 Oct Frank Rowlett is a down on his luck loser who can't win at anything. When he can't come up with money for a poker game, he sneaks into the back of a tattoo parlor, kills the owner and takes his money.

Next Episode. Frank Rowlett is engaged to Sara Helston, who is much richer than he is. Unfortunately, during the murder of the tattooist his needle pricks Frank, and a living, growing tattoo begins to spread out from the point, threatening to cover his whole body. Sarah soon notices it, and Frank can hardly tell her the truth about it Who was the Episode MVP? Episode Discussion.

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