Who is rey on young and the restless

Jordi Vilasuso

who is rey on young and the restless

Rey Rosales on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS made quite a splash when he first appeared in Genoa City, and has continued to bring the.

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And, he will let her know that it has to do with his father, a man he barely speaks too. Sharon will let him know that he can tell her anything. She will likely ask him to open up, to which he may explain their history more in depth. It sounded like Lola would be upset with the news that her mother was speaking to their father again. The buzz on social media is Celeste has already told her ex-husband that her children are living in Genoa City.

Rey Rosales is a character portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso.
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He began making contact with the four women who were the last to see JT alive - Sharon, Victoria, Phyllis, and Nikki, but did not reveal that he was a detective. Eventually, after he interviewed Nick Newman in the case, because he had impersonated JT, and butted heads with Chief Paul Williams a couple of times, the women learned Rey was part of the investigation. It also was revealed that Rey was the brother of Abby's boyfriend, Arturo, who worked for Nick. The pair did not get along, though their sister, Lola, tried to bring them back together. Sharon, having made friends with him at the coffee house, was especially affronted, but Rey came up with a plan to hire her as a victim liaison at the police station, and they became close again as they worked together. An attraction developed, and after she dumped Nick at the altar, they shared a kiss. Soon after, Rey's estranged wife, Mia, showed up in Genoa City and warned Sharon to stay away from her man.

Vilasuso was raised by his parents, Dr. He also has an older brother, Javier, and a younger sister, Marianne. In , Vilasuso began dating actress Kaitlin Riley. Vilasuso and Riley were married on August 25, in Islamorada, Florida. The first born in November , and the second born in July [8] [9]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rey first appeared in Genoa City to investigate J. Hellstrom 's disappearance, and quickly began rubbing people the wrong way. He reconnected with his younger brother, Arturo Rosales , and baby sister, Lola Rosales , but the brothers had some animosity between them because Arturo had slept with Rey's wife! Rey grew close to Sharon Newman , helping her out with some repairs at Crimson Lights and moving into the upstairs apartment. His budding relationship with Sharon hit the skids when Rey's wife, Mia Rosales , arrived in town hoping to reconcile with her husband. Rey agreed to distance himself from Sharon in order to work on his marriage. Mia even convinced Rey to agree to a special ceremony to renew their vows.

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    Jordi Alejandro Vilasuso is a Cuban-American actor best known for originating the role of Tony In July , it was announced that Vilasuso would appear as Rey Rosales on the daytime soap opera The Young and The Restless.

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