Mr horse ren and stimpy

NickToons Ren & Stimpy Mr. Horse Action Figure

mr horse ren and stimpy

Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon - Ren Kills Dr. Mr. Horse. George W. Bush. Loading Unsubscribe from George W. Bush? Cancel.

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Horse is the most frequently recurring character in the series. He oftentimes acts as a 'bit character' carrying on many different roles, depending on the plot or the episode. He is voiced by series creator John K. After he was fired, Billy West took over the role. Horse is, as his name implies, a horse with a gray coating and a dark blue mane. His appearance remains overall the same, but depending on the episode or the part he is portraying, he occasionally wears clothes. In all of his appearances, he is seen with horseshoes.

It follows Ren finally feeling guilty about something abusive he did to Stimpy, so he seeks to a therapist to help him and tells his darkest childhood stories and why he became such a abusive psychopath in the first place. The episode opens in a room, where Stimpy is seen screaming and crying hysterically on the bed while Ren looks on with a ashamed and apologetic expression. Ren apologizes to him and promises that he will go seek help and find out about his problems. While Stimpy continues to cry on the bed, Ren leaves his home and slowly walks through the city to seek a therapist. After arriving at a place simply called "Help", he meets Mr. Horse dressed as a psychiatrist and tells him his childhood story, as he did, the flashback begins with the birth of Ren, and his abusive behavior began as a child where abused bugs such yanking out their legs, licking them, and burn them out, and as well as his favorite of all is hurting a frog, but until the injured frog pleases and forces Ren to end him up to put him out of his misery. However, Ren then decides that he can't after he was confused over the frog's request.

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Horse : You want to know what's wrong with you. Do you really want to know what's wrong with you? That's what's wrong with you! Horse : Yeah, that's right! You need to be locked up!

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Ren Seeks Help (Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon")

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    Mr. Horse is the most frequently recurring character in the series. He oftentimes acts as a'bit Associates. Ren Stimpy Muddy Muddskipper Mrs. Buttloaves.

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