Makers mark and ginger ale

Summer Breeze: A Simple Maker's Mark Drink

makers mark and ginger ale

Apr 25, Maker's and Ginger Ale - a simple, tasty drink for the tailgate, cookout, Bourbon Ginger Cocktail --// 1 ounce bourbon (I used Maker's Mark). 1 .

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While this drink may look like the average whiskey highball , it has a couple of twists that make it rather interesting. It all begins with the muddling of a fresh orange with Cointreau, that fantastic orange liqueur which we find so useful in the bar. Once the citrus mix is done, the bourbon and ginger ale are added to top it off in fine, refreshing style. The Summer Breeze is a great drink when you want to bring a nice whiskey into any summer party. Share it with friends at your next barbecue or just sit back and enjoy it on the patio. Stir gently.

As delicious as it is effervescent, even the experienced mixologist will find this easy-to-make classic hard to pass up. Its origins may go back further than you think. Through the years, the spice of ginger and caramel notes of bourbon have been matched in different variations on the theme, like the Kentucky Mule, the Bourbon Buck and the Horse's Neck. The latter traces back to and was originally a nonalcoholic drink with ginger ale, ice and a long strand of lemon rind. By bourbon was added to make a Stiff Horse's Neck — later abbreviated back to just Horse's Neck. With pronounced sugar and mint notes, the Mint Julep is one of our favorite bourbon cocktails and a natural match for summer days, horse races and good company.

A common choice of alcohol lovers since , this popular drink is absolutely gluten-free. Try on. Throw ice cubes into drinking glasses. Fill the rest with ginger ale. Do not stir, since the fizz from the ale will slowly mix them all by itself.

Southern Staple: Bourbon and Ginger

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Maker'sŪ & Ginger

I work out with a trainer once a week, who I love to ask nutrition questions. I pepper him with questions about nutritional articles I read during the week while he is torturing me with his newest and greatest way to keep me fit. I share my healthy recipes with him and he tells me recipes he and his wife have tried out. Once he learned that I do a Saturday Cocktail post he told me about his favorite drink, a bourbon ginger. He told me he likes to use Makers Mark which I had on hand, thankfully , but Woodford would be fine too. From what I have read from the mixology world, is perfect and crushed ice is a BIG no-no. Oh yes, and only use fresh ice no stuff that has been in your freezer since your last party.

Maker's MarkŪ and Ginger





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    Known for being a sweet and spicy beverage, ginger beer can also be transformed /2 parts Maker's MarkŪ Bourbon; Ginger ale; Lime wedge for garnish.

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    makers mark and ginger ale - General Bourbon Discussion -

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