Fat joe and big pun

You Was Wrong (feat. Drag-On, Fat Joe, Remi Martin)

fat joe and big pun

Fat Joe Tells a Story About the Time He Met Big Pun

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Ready for war Joe, how you wanna blow they spot I know these dirty cops that'll get us in if we murder some wop Hop in your Hummer, the Punisher's ready; meet me at Vito's. You getting stuck, my trigger finger's itchy as a fuck! Trunk jewels jewels , cruising in the Land, pumping 'Cash Rules' Last crew to want it caught a hundred trying to pass through That's true, so who the next to get it? TS is the best that did it get it off your chest kid admit it And it's Here, and you don't stop! Twenty shot glock with the cop killer fill em to the top Yeah, and you don't stop!

His first album Capital Punishment hit No. Pun was proud of his Puerto Rican heritage and became an icon within his community. Weighing nearly pounds, he died of heart failure in February In his all-too-short career, Big Pun became a breakthrough Latino artist in the world of hip-hop music. While he did well in school and participated in athletics in his early years, he left home at the age of 15 because of his difficult family life and eventually dropped out of high school. Taking over his own education, Big Pun was an avid reader. He also became interested in breakdancing and rapping.

He began his music career as a member of hip hop group Diggin' in the Crates Crew D. Fat Joe's debut solo album, Represent , [1] was released in and spawned the single " Flow Joe ", which reached number one on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs. In he began hosting a podcast on Tidal , Coca Vision , where he discusses music, friendships, and pop culture with some of the industry's most entertaining voices. Under stage name Fat Joe da Gangsta and part of the rap group D. The lead single was Success, which did not chart, but his second single, "Envy" peaked at 8 on the Hot Rap Tracks chart. Joe later explained the rapper's influence on him: "Latinos before us who had the opportunity to do it just didn't know how to do it.

Aiyyo, guns we toss 'em, and bodies we auction To his family we tell 'em he owed us a fortune Gimme forty-thou, you can have yo' child, you don't know What I had to go through, to clap this clown, check my background The last nigga to see you bleed, the last nigga to see you breath The last nigga you wish you shoulda believed And Drag move quick, blend right into a wall like a brick The only thing you see before I blow off ya shit is my wrist 'Cuz my hand the gun is covered in Not this range, when I pump this pistol, its very rare I miss it Damn it on ya lips Y'all keep talkin like y'all teflon with no weap-ons Nigga I'm pumpin my four, I ain't throwin no more Nowadays niggas run upstairs, open they drawer My circumstance, you ain't got that chance mines in my draw, you get it? Thats means y'all walks for two dicks, so don't be stupid and make me use one unless you? How dare you doubt on the?? Who the fuck want beef with Joe Crack Make your body fold back Lift his soul with the chrome mack I don't chat on the phone, 'cuz the phone tapped You heard theres money on the block we control that I got the work in the pot where that stove at Cook it up 'til its wack, get my dough back You niggas so wack, tryin'a compete I blind you with heat, I'm the reason crime on the street I die for my peeps, keep an open eye when I sleep Let you slide when I coulda put five in your Jeep Who's liver than me? I ain't know you really want it I'm like Christ, niggas beg for they life when they see me comin Ain't nodoby gonna stop my shine, you out'cho mind Don't make me have to cock my nine, pop ya spine Neva did believe in the Don's since ninety-two I've been proving that y'all niggas was wrong. I told these niggas, that I was the sickest bitch And everytime you spit, I'ma spit some sicker shit Ridicoulous, I reminise when I blaze the track Tight shit, make a nigga wanna play ya back I'm hatin that, but I'ma make 'em all believers Fuck hot, I'ma come and straight drop a fever Cop a heater, turn around and pop your leader And for the followers, I'ma leave their heads hollower Make your wig twisted as if I was Oliver Layin in a hospital, hooked up the monitors Thats for the game, y'all lames just came to first 'Cuz I ain't neva heard a bitch straight flame a verse I blame the church, how God let you lie like that Who scribed you for, 'cuz you ain't neva rhymed like that How the fuck you gon' tell me that chick is tight She ain't 'aight 'cuz she don't write, you wrong.

Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Big Pun & Reef Hustle Appear On Buckwild's "Fire"

Emerging from the underground hip hop scene in The Bronx borough of New York City in the early s, he came to prominence during the latter half of the decade for his work with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad. Pun's lyrics are notable for their technical efficiency, having minimal pauses to take a breath, heavy use of alliteration as well as internal and multi-syllabic rhyming schemes. He is frequently cited as one of the best MCs of all time.





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    Christopher Lee Rios (November 10, – February 7, ), better known by his stage Big Pun was initially discovered by Fat Joe, and made his earliest.

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