Parks and rec bloopers season 1

Mourning the end of your sitcom binge-watch? Devour the bloopers.

parks and rec bloopers season 1

Bloopers from the NBC Universal sitcom Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza and Aziz Ansari.

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Who knew Lisa Simpson and Angelica Pickles were such chic characters? We've been cracking up over one artist's reimagining of the '90s cartoon characters at Fashion Week, a genius mix of nostalgia and style. Meanwhile, the James Franco roast on Comedy Central brought out some big laughs, and the Parks and Recreation gag reel for season five had us busting up along with the cast. See all that and more with the week's funniest finds from across the Internet! Swagger New York and designer Michele Moricci collaborated on a series of pictures that imagine some of the most iconic '90s cartoon characters stepping out for Fashion Week.

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Parks and Recreation quietly became a cult favorite thanks to its cast of quirky, eclectic characters and hilarious one-liners. Whether you're a devoted super fan who'd love to move to the mythical community of Pawnee, Ind. Which stars' real-life talents made their way onto the show? Who wasn't intended to enjoy a long story arc on the hit series, and who jumped ship early? Believe it or not, there was even a time when the show's entire future was in jeopardy. From epic improvisations to highfalutin Easter eggs, this is the untold truth of Parks and Recreation.

r/PandR: A subreddit for the fans of the show Parks and Recreation. season two gag reel: there isn't one for season one, and i haven't found three and seven yet, but i did find a minute compilation of amy poehler breaking character.
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Leslie's boss, Ron Swanson Nick Offerman, "Children's Hospital" , hates the very government he works for, and sports one of the most impressive moustaches on primetime television. Since its premiere in , the critically-acclaimed series has been included on dozens of television critics' Top 10 lists and was named "TV's Smartest Comedy" in Entertainment Weekly's cover story. Parks and Recreation. Start Watching. Season 3 Season 3 Season 4. All the Waffles.

In the episode, Leslie and the parks department bicker as they work on a proposal for a new town hall mural, while Ron and Andy share an awkward moment at Andy's new shoe-shine job. The episode was written by Rachel Axler and was directed by Millicent Shelton. The title refers to the figure of speech that a camel is a "horse made by a committee ", and refers to the final mural proposed by the parks department. Stand-up comedian Kirk Fox made a guest appearance as Joe , from the Pawnee sewage department. The episode received generally positive reviews, with particular praise for the Ron and Andy subplot, and the jokes involving Jerry 's "murinal".

This is Ode To , a weekly column where we share the stuff we're really into in hopes that you'll be really into it, too. On one hand, I wasted some serious cash building up a collection of movies and television box sets that are currently on their way to being obsolete. But whenever I watched a DVD, I always had the luxury of knowing my viewing experience would extend far beyond the movie or TV show itself. I'm talking about those beautiful bonus features the extra nuggets of entertainment today's world is seriously lacking. Nowadays, binge watches come to a screeching, painfully unfulfilling halt once I've made it through the full series.

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