Lock and key tattoo design

30 Lock And Key Tattoo Designs that will unlock your fantasies

lock and key tattoo design

of secrets. See more ideas about Key tattoos, Tattoos and Lock tattoo. Just check out Awesome Lock And Key Tattoo Designs And Ideas For You”. StyleUp.

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Tattoo art is a primitive form of body art which even though permanent has stirred quite the desire in the present years. Tattoos have been a raging hype ever since man invented needles to decorate their body willingly accepting themselves as a free canvas. Now in the cutting edge world, uniqueness is the new goal and to achieve so, the age old tattoo ideas are looked over giving way to newer concepts. One such is the lock and key tattoo art. We have included some pictures of lock and key tattoos for you to get inspired! People look out for a number of ways to express their love.

The key is a sign tattoo that can have several symbolic meanings. This design can be embellished in many ways — floral styles, colors, ribbons, hearts, skulls, filigrees, etc. The lock can also have customized shapes — puzzle piece, heart shape, filigrees etc. You can ink this tattoo in many styles, colors, and sizes. It can stretch along the arm or it can be stenciled on the fingers.

Just like the other types of tattoo designs, the lock and key tattoo emerged with the sailors over a century back and as many people got to accept the tattoos, the lock and key tattoos became popular and was done in classical colours and designs. Some of the most intriguing and one of a kind tattoo designs can be found having the lock and key as their key design element. There are number of ways that this design has been used and each one will strike a chord in your heart, apart from being pleasing to the eye. The colours used combines quite well making the whole design attractive. The lock and key tattoo design below looks simple and elegant. The wearer of the design looks jovial with the lock expressed in heart form with key on it.

156 Stylish Lock And Key Tattoos Meanings

One of the most appealing and unique kind of tattoo designs is definitely lock and key tattoos., For a while tattoos were only seen as tribal markings or symbols of affiliation to gangs.

23 Best Lock And Key Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

With a customizable design suitable for a range of styles and placements, lock and key tattoos are versatile and can be made truly unique. Humanity has depended on locks and keys for protecting housing and possessions for thousands of years. The earliest known examples come from Ancient Egypt, where wooden mechanisms involving the release of a security bolt through controlling the movement of falling pins — a technology some of our locks are still based on — were first used. Early locks were not hugely effective — they were expensive to obtain and easily broken. Later on, when locks were significantly improved on during the Roman age, keys became a symbol of wealth. Since only rich individuals were able to afford locks for their storage chests and doors, small metal keys were worn and displayed as a status symbol.

Tattooing has moved beyond the sheer tribal mark, or a gang stamp. Leaving their signature on living bodies of people, these artists strive to build their own style, while reflecting the innermost feelings and ideas of their clients, who generally choose tattoos that mirror their personalities. Symbolism is the core of tattoo art, and while some symbols are unique and personal, some tattoos are created on the common grounds, bearing a universal meaning. Lock and key tattoos are one of these ink images, one of the most popular selections of the tattooed, universal enough, but always rendered in a profoundly personal manner. They are signs of secrets, mystery, unknown relationships or reservations towards the world, in general. Tracking the lock and key tattoo imagery a century back, one finds they first emerged, just like a majority of modern ink, with sailors and social outcasts.



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