Who is sasha on the bold and the beautiful

B&B Recap: Sasha Makes A Move On Zende

who is sasha on the bold and the beautiful

Sasha Thompson is a character on The Bold and the Beautiful, portrayed by Felisha Cooper from to Nicole brings Sasha over to Forrester Creations to give her the tour and to introduce to her boyfriend Zende Dominguez. Nicole also reveals to Sasha that she is pregnant.

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Sasha Thompson is the daughter of Julius Avant and Lucy Thompson; growing up in Illinois, Sasha was forced to pretend Nicole Avant was only a childhood friend, not her half-sister, while attending Avant family events with Lucy as friends. Sasha worked in a burger joint, then followed the Avants to Los Angeles, where Nicole and her transgender sister, Maya Avant, were involved with design house Forrester Creations. Sasha resented Julius for not acknowledging her as an Avant and refused to go back to Illinois, instead setting her sights on Nicole's boyfriend, budding photographer Zende Forrester Dominguez, and becoming his model, which upset Nicole. Capitalizing on Zende's discomfort with Nicole being a surrogate for Maya and her husband Rick Forrester, Sasha offered Zende a friends-with-benefits situation and disobeyed Julius' repeated demands to leave town. As soon as Zende broke up with the pregnant Nicole, Sasha got Zende into bed and bragged to Julius about it. Mistakenly assuming Zende was in love with her, Sasha crowed to Nicole, who also ordered Sasha to leave town and got a shock when Sasha told Nicole they were half-sisters, which caused a rift between Julius and his wife, Vivienne Avant. Inspired when Zende was moved by the birth of Nicole's baby and decided to break up with her, Sasha lied that she was pregnant but was nearly caught when Maya and Nicole forced her to take a pregnancy test; Sasha achieved a positive result by convincing a pregnant stranger not to flush a public toilet.

The news threw another huge wrench into the already complicated Avant sister love triangle. Well, today the rumor as been confirmed by Reign Edwards Nicole herself! The actress opened up about the upcoming delivery of the newest baby, Forrester and that it will finally bring her and Zende Rome Flynn back together, but maybe not for long! Their short-lived affair not only hurt Nicole, but the news of their upcoming arrival nearly destroys her. What does this mean for the future relationship of the Avant sisters? Will Nicole be able to forgive her sister after learning about the pregnancy?

Sasha arrives in Los Angeles and is reunited with the Avant family. While Vivienne Avant is delighted to see her, Julius Avant seems bothered that she unexpectedly shows up. When Vivienne leaves for a job interview at the DMV, Sasha and Julius have a somewhat awkward yet very tense conversation. Julius countless times tells Sasha to go back home to Chicago, but Sasha insists she stay in town. Soon, Sasha is reunited with her childhood best friend, Nicole Avant.

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The Bold and the Beautiful is an American television soap opera. It was first broadcast on March 23, and airs on CBS. The following is a list of characters that first appeared or will appear in the soap in , by order of first appearance. All characters are introduced by the series' executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell. Nicole Avant , played by Reign Edwards , first appeared January 16, Despite feeling good about her audition, she did not expect to be cast.

Sasha Thompson

Bold and the Beautiful Recap: Sasha Offers Zende an Affair

That is indeed a quick people, because friends become enemies, enemies become friends, and back to enemies in a matter of days. While he questions how his one-time hook-up got her pregnant, we all know it only takes one time for that to happen. He suspects Sasha may be lying, just as her sisters Nicole and Maya expect the same. No offense, but Maya needs to be focusing her attention on her newborn, as does Rick Forrester. Speaking of Rick, he seems destined to bring down his big brother Ridge. That is causing Katie to feel shunned and a shunned Katie is a dangerous one because she blurts out all types of things. The other story that seems to be never-ending is the Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and now Quinn quadtriangle.

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Confirmed! Sasha Gets Pregnant on Bold and the Beautiful!

Network: CBS. Sasha's pink lace gown at Nicole's wedding on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sasha's yellow keyhole cutout bodysuit on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sasha's floral wrap dress on The Bold and the Beautiful. Sasha's printed off-shoulder top on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Zende feels like Maya and Rick have already asked too much for Nicole since they almost lost their relationship over baby number one. But could Sasha step in and play baby maker for the Forresters? This might be her chance to ingratiate herself to her other sister and get closer with the family. The only obstacle is her modeling career at Forrester Creations but if Maya and Rick support Sasha while she carries their baby, she can take a break from work and go back to work after the baby. This seems like a win-win for everyone, right? No doubt Julius will have something negative to say about this but if he tries to talk Maya out of using Sasha as a fill-in surrogate, that might just cement her decision to do it. Hour drive home.


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