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lottie princess and the frog

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Big Daddy spoils Lottie, and notably often commanded princesses dresses to the seamstress Eudora. The latter often bring Tiana , her daughter of the same age, to work. And she used to tell fairy tales to the two little girls. Lottie enjoyed them quite much, explaining why she loved princesses stories and dresses. In fact, Lottie wished to become a princess, and said she was capable to kiss a frog to achieve this goal.

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She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it, but also knows when to put the needs of others before her own. Her Southern sass is something we all can appreciate and relate to, among her many other flawless qualities like her ability to touch up her cried-off makeup in 0. Anybody who grew up watching the Disney Princess movies has dreamed of a royal future—you probably even have old photos of when you dressed up in a princess gown. Lottie is no different, though she may have been even more determined than we were to claim her rightful crown. Pets are the daily recipients of overly affectionate gestures—from uncomfortable but adorable costumes, to endless cuddling.

As mentioned above, Charlotte is the beloved daughter of Big Daddy La Bouff, who happens to be the wealthiest and most powerful man in New Orleans. The two reside in New Orleans' garden district, where they were regularly visited by Tiana and her mother. Ever since early childhood, Charlotte has been doted on and given everything she wanted, and thus gained a very spoiled and shallow personality. Even though she can act self-centered, the lovely debutante is generous. She has always dreamed of marrying a prince and living a storybook life, thus would wear beautiful princess dresses as a little girl, made for her by Eudora, who Big Daddy declares to be the "finest seamstress in New Orleans. She's a ditzy, impulsive diva filled with spunk and flare. She shows no ill will to Tiana and loves her like a sister, even though Prince Naveen wanted to wed Tiana rather than her, and kisses a frog for her even though she won't get to marry Naveen, thinking she is the princess who must kiss the frog to break the spell.

Their friendship intrigued me, so for fun, I decided to write an comparative essay analyzing the two girls. What is the value of friendship? How can it be measured? Why do we keep trying to set guidelines anyway? I remembered thinking the same thing after the seventh an eighth time too. I found myself intrigued by the dynamic between Tiana and Charlotte, and wondered if one girl was more of a friend than the other one.

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12 Times We Were All Charlotte From The Princess and the Frog





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