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2nd floor bar and essen

14469 Essen Terrace Dr, Gonzales, LA

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We celebrated our first anniversary there and they made sure to make it such a special occasion. The food was delicious and it was pretty crowded for a Monday evening- we were happy to see it doing so well! Entrance is on 75th st between York and 1st. Fun place. Different and hip twist on standard deli offerings.

The pastrami sandwich was "melt in your mouth" delicious! Beware the sandwiches are large and expensive. We split one between two people and it was plenty. They provide cole slaw as well. As a comparison to This was my third visit and got breakfast.

2nd Floor Cocktails

2nd Floor Bar & Essen

What was supposed to be a celebration of my friends special day was ruined by unprofessional and aggressive stAff expect for executive chef David and an uncaring owner. This was the first and last time I will ever patronize this establishment. I really hope they get their act together. No one deserves to be treated like lower class citizens as we were that night. Formerly a date night go to but my last visit was my last visit.

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2nd Avenue Deli and 2nd Floor Bar & Essen, New York City

On Nov. This is fairly uncharted territory for Jewish delicatessens. But delis are usually not associated with sophisticated drinking. Jeremy Lebewohl thought he was within his rights to break new ground. The bar will be unusual in that the liquid menu is certified kosher.

We have mixed feelings toward secret places. To get here, you enter through a door on 75th Street marked with a little neon sign, then head up a flight of stairs to a space that looks like a private club from the s. It has low ceilings and antique light fixtures, and it seems like the kind of place that should have a password, a dress code, and a host who knows your credit score just by looking at you. The menu is a mix of small plates inspired by Jewish deli classics, like gefilte croquettes, pastrami burgers, and pigs in a blanket that are seasoned like everything bagels. You can also get some creamy deviled eggs topped with pastrami, as well as some excellent blintzes stuffed with shredded duck. But our favorite things here are the meat-heavy sandwiches from the deli downstairs, which are only available during Happy Hour.


The 2nd Floor is located on top of the UES 2nd Ave Deli Location @ 1st Avenue. Separate entrance is on East 75th Street between 1st & York Avenues.
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