Up and vanished on oxygen

How To Rewatch The 'Up & Vanished' TV Special About Tara Grinstead's Disappearance If You Missed It

up and vanished on oxygen

Up And Vanished: Tara Grinstead's Colleague Shocked By Ryan Duke's Arrest - Oxygen

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True crime podcasts are fascinating. Nothing makes household chores or an evening commute go by faster than listening to an episode about the chilling and true stories about people who have gone missing or criminals who haven't been caught yet. After searching news articles and forums, Lindsey set his sights on the disappearance of Tara Grinstead — a school teacher and beauty queen who seemingly vanished from her Georgia home in And this special is going to help with that. The special is going to focus on Grinstead, Lindsey, and his investigation, according to Oxygen. If that didn't sound exciting enough, the trailer for this special looks super promising — providing visuals to Lindsey's already thrilling podcast. In the special which will be wrapped up by the end of the episode , fans of the podcast will get to see the people and places that they only heard about through the episodes, which is super satisfying.

Both men have pleaded not guilty. With so many podcasts to choose from, which ones should get the small screen treatment? We looked at ones that make for the best long-form series that tackle a unique subject and that have the elements to translate into a visual medium. Here are our picks. Karina Longworth has a unique perspective on classic Hollywood that is readily apparent the moment you put on an episode. Just listen to her "Dead Blondes" series, which is running at the time of this writing, and it's clear we need more women educating people about "Hollywood's first century.

Oxygen Media, the network for high-quality crime programming, premieres "Up and Vanished," based on the hit investigative podcast of the same name with over million downloads that put a national spotlight on the small town mystery of Tara Grinstead. In this special, Payne Lindsey and his team will pick up where the podcast left off, which was with an investigation that lead to the arrest of two men who plead not guilty and are still awaiting trial. Combining chilling stories with cinematic storytelling techniques, this citizen sleuth will scrutinize alibis and double check reports, as him and his team stop at nothing until they find the truth, leading to new discoveries and insights on the case of Tara Grinstead. Oxygen Media is a multiplatform crime destination brand for women. Having announced the full-time shift to true crime programming in , Oxygen remains one of the fastest growing cable entertainment networks with popular unscripted original programming that includes the flagship "Snapped" franchise, "Cold Justice," "Killer Couples," "Criminal Confessions," and breakout hit event series such as "The Disappearance of Natalee Holloway," "Dahmer on Dahmer: A Killer Speaks," and "Aaron Hernandez Uncovered. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. Tweet Share.

When history school teacher Tara Grinstead failed to show up for class one morning in October of , her colleagues, friends, and family immediately knew that something wasn't right.
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One of the most popular podcasts made the leap to the small screen in when Up and Vanished aired as a television special on the Oxygen network. Of course, since it was one night only, many people might not have been able to tune in, and now may be wondering how to rewatch the Up and Vanished TV special. The show aired on the night of Nov. Host Payne Lindsey was on hand to discuss the case and the way his work contributed to the arrest of two men in the case of Grinstead , a Georgia teacher who was murdered more than a decade ago, according to CBS News. The trick is that you have to log in with the information you use for your cable provider , whether Cox, DirecTV, Dish, or another.


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