Difference between 2014 and 2015 honda odyssey ex l

Difference Between a Honda Odyssey, EX & LX

difference between 2014 and 2015 honda odyssey ex l

Here's the 2016 Honda Odyssey Review on Everyman Driver

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A dilemma many Mechanicstown drivers face when buying a new car is whether to go with the current model, or buy one of the remaining models from the previous year. When it comes to the Honda Odyssey vs. You can see them both now at Middletown Honda — in the meantime, read on for some information that may influence your choice. A large minivan like the Honda Odyssey needs a powerful engine to get up to highway speeds and keep your family moving on long road trips. The and Honda Odyssey offer the same engine, but the transmission options are different, resulting in some subtle differences:.

You've decided the Honda Odyssey is the minivan for you and breathe a sigh of relief … until you find out the car is being replaced by a completely new model for Should you back away from the older Odyssey and choose the Odyssey arriving this spring? When your car search has moved beyond our Big Test-winning Kia Sedona and the excellent Chrysler Pacifica , you might wonder if the Odyssey is worth the wait. We recently spent time in a loaded Odyssey Elite but haven't yet driven the model , so keep reading to discover why you might want to get the Odyssey or why you might want to wait a few months for the new model—that is, if you have that luxury. Incentives and selection can vary widely from region to region, but you can bet Honda will offer something as the automaker transitions from the outgoing model to the new minivan. Plus, you're more likely to have a decent selection again, depending on where you are than with the Odyssey that might prove very popular, at least for the first few months. Going with the older model might just mean you can get an EX-L instead of an EX, a Touring instead of an EX-L, or simply put the money you save into a child's college fund.

W Bradenton , FL Phone: Published on: May 31st, The Honda Odysse y is easily one of the most popular minivans on the market today, and if you are ready to purchase your new Odyssey you may be wondering exactly which trim package is best for you and your family. With 6 different trim packages to choose from, there is probably an Odyssey that is perfect for your needs! One of the most functional upgrade that the EX model brings to the table is the Smart Entry system, this allows you to get you, the kids, and the groceries into the car without having to dig through your pocket, purse or even diaper bag to find the car keys.

Watson for every Sherlock Holmes. But for busy parents everywhere, there are new models of the Honda Odyssey minivan. Recognized among the segment for its safety, efficiency and in-cabin convenience, Honda Odyssey is the automotive equivalent of a resourceful sidekick for hard-working parents the whole country over. If only there were some way to make sense of them all…. With trim distinctions ranging from LX to Touring Elite , Honda Odyssey provides minivan drivers with a number of unique feature packages.

What’s the Difference in the Trims of the Honda Odyssey

People like multi-function vehicles nowadays; and among them minivans are the most versatile. It's easy to forget that minivans like the Honda Odyssey are, at once, go-to wheels, medium-duty haulers, multi-passenger carriers, and rolling diaper bags. - We did, however, cover the vacuum in a separate, slightly informal test.




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    Compare MSRP, invoice pricing, and other features on the Honda Odyssey and Honda Odyssey.

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    The Odyssey is a minivan manufactured by the Japanese automaker Honda.

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