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Verizon is currently the second biggest U. Until early in , the company had stopped offering unlimited data plans for any of its new customers a few older subscribers still had unlimited plans via grandfathered agreements , but in February of that year Verizon surprised everyone when it offered a new unlimited plan. That move caused all of the other major carriers to change to their plans to stay competitive. In addition to relaunching unlimited plans, Verizon also decided to revamp its non-unlimited post-paid plans. However, Verizon occasionally does away with the activation charge on some of its special promotional offers, so you might want to wait until one of them pops up before you sign up.

Starting June 18, you can mix and match different Verizon unlimited plans -- all on the same, easy-to-manage account. With this new ability to mix and match, buying unlimited is simple. First choose the number of lines you need, then pick from three unlimited plans. Managing your account is easy -- you can switch your plan at any time. Be sure to join Verizon Up through the MyVerizon app to earn access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, VIP tickets to events and everyday rewards.

Choose from three different plans - all on the same, easy to manage account. The one-size-fits-all concept might be great for hats, but the same goal can't be accomplished from head Shoes are a different story. Just in one family alone you're bound to have two, three, four or more foot sizes. And there's no reason to shoehorn everyone into the same brand or style either. The voice of the Verizon customer was heard, and by understanding that not everyone in your family uses their smartphone the same way, we understood that wireless plans don't have to either.

The plans become available on Monday. You can see a full unlimited pricing breakdown here. Taxes and fees on all plans are not included. The effective price cut marks a surprising turn, given that the wireless carriers have been relatively quiet on the pricing and discount front, especially as everyone awaits the final approval of T-Mobile's deal to acquire Sprint. Meanwhile, Verizon on Thursday posted second-quarter results that saw better-than-expected subscriber growth.

Verizon's 4 new unlimited plans come with a surprising price cut

Verizon's Mix-and-Match Family Plans: What You Need to Know

Get a monthly size of premium, 4G LTE high-speed data just for you or to share with up to 10 devices and 20 connected devices on your account. With the new Verizon plan, you get a set amount of monthly data e. Each line included in your shared data plan also gets:. The original plan gives different data amounts per size than current shared data plans and doesn't include Safety Mode, Carryover Data, and other features. Changing isn't available through the My Verizon app or My Verizon online. No, on a shared data plan, you pick 1 data size and all the phones and connected devices on your account share that data. You'd have to open another, separate account to have:.

Verizon Above Unlimited adds travel-friendly mix-&-match plan

In a move that is somehow both incredibly simple and bafflingly complicated, Verizon has launched a new unlimited data plan and is shaking up the way its family plans work. The carrier -- which seems to have a very loose understanding of what " unlimited " means -- has introduced an "aboveunlimited" plan option, which is apparently more unlimited than the existing "gounlimited" and "beyondunlimited" plans. And it's pretty pricey. So now there are three unlimited plans in the mix, family plans just got a bit more complicated because Verizon is introducing a new "mix and match" model. The company concedes that a one-size-fits-all approach isn't particularly useful for families that have different needs, so from June 18 you'll be able to choose the appropriate unlimited plan for each individual family member. Get what you need without paying for stuff you don't use.

Verizon's new high-limit Above Unlimited plan is grabbing all of the attention. But the wireless carrier's biggest move of late is its decision to let families mix and match its different unlimited data offerings when they put together their monthly cell phone plans. Currently, when you sign up for a family plan at Big Red, you pick one of two unlimited data plan options for all lines of data. But with the arrival of the higher-end Above Unlimited plan on Monday June 18 , Verizon customers will now be able to pick from three different unlimited tiers for each line of their family plan, giving them greater flexibility and a potentially lower monthly bill. Here's how it works. As you add extra lines, Verizon adds extra discounts based on the plan you pick.




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    Starting next week, families will have the option of adding different types of unlimited plans with each line of data at Verizon.

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