A24 rat and mouse trap


a24 rat and mouse trap

Automatic Rat & Mouse Trap - Goodnature™ A24

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The sound of rats scratching is synonymous with fingernails being scraped down a blackboard and is enough to put anyone on edge. Rats are our non-native foes, known for spreading disease and destruction wherever they may go. But which method of rat control do you choose to use to get the job done? I have recently discovered the Goodnature A24 rat trap , which I believe is the ultimate pest control device. Bait boxes are a good option in areas that are safely away from other wildlife, however, rodenticides are expensive, controversial and in some states heavily regulated. I also find that if the bait is left out for too long it goes moldy, gets eaten by insects, and is often untouched by rodents themselves. Snap traps offer a cheap option for those looking to get rid of rats, but are labor intensive to reset and clean, and come with the risk to human hands and other animals inadvertently being hurt.

It combines superb design engineering principles and behavioral science with the highest manufacturing standards to deliver a trap that will kill up to 24 times per CO2 canister. Product is only under warranty for defects and malfunctions. Neither WCS nor the manufacturer can guarantee success due to the unpredictability and cautious nature of rodents. Protecta Rat-sized Bait Stations Case of 6. Big Snap-E Rat Trap. Add to Cart. Tips for using the A24 Trap: In order to determine the best location to install the A24, it is strongly recommended that the provided Detector Cards be set out in suspect areas prior to installation.

Check out our product guides and videos. It combines superb design engineering principles and behavioral science with the highest manufacturing standards to deliver a trap that lasts for years and kills 24 times per CO2 canister. Automatically self-resetting After the mouse or rat enters the trap, a trigger causes a striker to instantly dispatch the mouse or rat. The mouse or rat will then fall out of the trap, and the trap automatically resets ready for the next kill. The A24 trap will kill 24 pests before requiring a CO2 cartridge change.

Its superb engineering and rugged design make it the perfect rat and mouse trap for inside or outside your home or business. The A24 trap automatically kills up to 24 rats or mice with just one CO2 canister, installs quickly and easily, has a bio-attractant lure bottle that lasts six months, and only requires monthly checks. Once intrigued by our long-lasting chocolate lures or your DIY Lure Basket , the rodent enters the trap, and a trigger causes a CO2-powered striker to instantly kill the rodent. The rodent then falls out of the trap and can be safely foraged by its predators. The trap automatically resets itself, and the process can repeat itself up to 24 times before the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced.

When the pest tries to reach the lure inside the trap, they brush past a trigger which fires a piston, killing them instantly. The piston retracts and resets ready for the next pest. We have three A24 Trap kits available. Choose from a 'Trap only' kit, 'Trap with counter' or 'Trap with Chirp'. Check out the KITS tab to compare each model. To make sure we send you the right lure, remember to choose your Target Pest - rat or stoat. Super handy.

A24 Rat and Mouse Trap Kit with Counter

A24 5 Rats & 2 Mice

A24 Rat & Mouse Trap Kit - no Digital Counter



The A24 Automatic Rat & Mouse Trap is a revolution in pest-control. Our weatherproof trap kills rodents repeatedly without the use of poison or electricity.
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