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sam weir freaks and geeks

Freaks and Geeks - Lindsay and Sam

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Alan White : Sam Weir. Alan : Bill Murray sucks, man. Alan : Oh really? What is he, your boyfriend? Sam Queer. Sam : Leave me alone, Alan.

Sign in. Nick explores disco, Lindsay listens to the Grateful Dead, and Daniel tries something new. What's cool? When Bill talks about being allergic to peanuts in class, Alan tries to prove he's lying but Bill ends up in the hospital after an allergic reaction. Lindsay smokes weed for the first time. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on.

Living… in Chippewa, Mich. Sam lives for the simple things in life: watching Saturday Night Live and reading comic books. Profession… high school freshman. Interests… hanging out with his fellow geeks Neal Schweiber and Bill Haverchuck. The three of them share a passion for the comedy of Bill Murray and Steve Martin, and all have trouble acclimating to their new school. But at least they have each other.

Freaks and Geeks is an American teen comedy-drama television series created by Paul Feig and executive-produced by Judd Apatow that aired on NBC during the — television season.
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