Can you use normal chocolate in a chocolate fountain

Your Questions Answered: Chocolate Fondues and Fountains

can you use normal chocolate in a chocolate fountain

How to Melt Chocolate, the Right Way! - Kitchen Conundrums with Thomas Joseph

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A chocolate fountain livens up any party instantly, but can you use just any chocolate? How do you make chocolate the right consistency for a smooth flow? You need the right kind of chocolate for your fountain. Sure you can crush up some supermarket chocolate and add oil, but do you really want that? Think of your children and your guests and get some well-made chocolate. It comes in a two-pound bag, which should be plenty for a chocolate fountain serving around 12 people or fewer. The chocolate is in thin wafer-style pieces instead of large chunks, so it heats evenly and quickly.

Do you need a chocolate fountain? Click here to shop for fountains. Pick a location away from air conditioning ducts, swinging doors, dance floors, exterior doors, etc. If you are at a facility that dictates where you need to set up, be assertive if the location is bad. It will ruin the event. Oh yeah, they love chocolate too.

To provide the perfect ending for your perfect dinner party, a chocolate fondue or a chocolate fountain is both exciting and memorable.
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Chocolate fountains are a great addition to any party or event. They are a fun way to serve food and delight guests. Learning how to use a chocolate fountain is simple: you just have to choose your model wisely, assemble it well, and serve great snacks alongside the melted chocolate. To use a chocolate fountain, start by buying a couverture chocolate, which contains higher levels of cocoa butter, for best results. Alternatively, add a tablespoon of canola oil to every 5 pounds of chocolate you use to smooth the chocolate's texture.

New Years Eve is just a few days away! One thing is certain, from reading Twitter, Facebook, and the net in general melted chocolate is factoring into celebration plans in a BIG way! In preparation for this blog entry, I put out the call for questions on Twitter and Facebook and you guys had some good ones! The taste is too sweet and too fake, for me. With a fondue, you really want the true chocolate flavor, and to highlight the flavor of your dipped items. I am FINE with the use of chocolate chips for fountains and fondues, so long as you use the better brands.


What Kind of Chocolate Should Be Used in a Chocolate Fountain?





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