Can you still become a police officer with a dui

Can I Become a Police Officer with a DWI or a DUI?

can you still become a police officer with a dui

How to PASS the Police Hiring Process

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Technically, even if you have a DUI you can get hired as a police officer in most states, depending on the circumstances of your arrest and court case. You usually can't get hired with a felony conviction, according to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Therefore, if you were convicted of a felony DUI, you can't become a cop. However, if you were charged with a felony that was reduced to a misdemeanor, found not guilty or found guilty of a misdemeanor offense, it is possible become a police officer.

Feb 27, If it was an alcohol related DWI / DUI stop, then you still may have a chance of becoming a law enforcement officer, like a Police Officer, Sheriff.
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Do Police Officers Have Criminal Records?

Can You Become A Cop With A DUI

Classification of whether it was an alcohol or drug related offense is one of the factors that may determine if you are eligible to become a police officer. How recent was the offense? Was this your first DUI? Did you cause bodily injury or death to others while intoxicated? Did you damage property other than your own?

By Richard Stim , Attorney. That sometimes triggers substance abuse problems. And like their civilian counterparts, they are often arrested for driving drunk and causing damage to telephone poles, parked cars, houses and much worse. The punishment for officers, as in all criminal cases, depends on the circumstances, the officer, and the location. In general, several factors have the greatest impact on the outcome:.

Don't assume that just because you have a drinking and driving related conviction in your past that you can't pursue a career in law enforcement. In fact, depending on the circumstances, that experience can give you meaningful insight for educating people about drinking and driving. The level of screening for police applicants differs by community, agency and state, but there are still certain steps you should take before you submit an application. Obtain a copy of your criminal record by contacting the appropriate state-level police or criminal justice department clearinghouse, such as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement or the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services. The instructions may also be listed on the appropriate department's Web site. Take steps to have the conviction expunged, if in fact the DUI conviction is on the criminal record documents you've received. Do this by contacting the court where you were convicted.

Can I Still Go Into Law Enforcement With a DUI on My Record?

It is not uncommon for police officers to have criminal records. Most felony offenses, however, do prevent people from becoming police officers or will result in their termination from the police force. Misdemeanor convictions , especially if they are more than five years old, do not typically disqualify someone from becoming a police officer. Should the person receive a misdemeanor conviction while employed as a law enforcement officer, he or she may not be terminated depending upon the severity of the offense or if it was committed while the person was acting in his or her capacity as a police officer. The types of offenses that usually disqualify a person from becoming a police officer include the following:. Also, these offenses would normally terminate an existing officer's employment. A DUI conviction may not necessarily disqualify a person from becoming an officer, especially if it is several years old, but it depends on the hiring policies of the particular law enforcement agency.

Many people make reckless mistakes when they are teenagers and young adults. Mishaps like driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol can come back to haunt you long after you have grown up and moved on with your life. The answer to this question can depend on the state in which you plan to work and the police department at which you plan to apply. You can better your chances of becoming a police officer with a DUI by hiring an attorney to help you avoid an intoxicated driving condition or clean up your criminal and driving records. As noted, the answer to this question can be unclear and largely dependent on what state you want to work in as well as for what law enforcement agency you want to work. Some police departments throughout the U. If you have multiple DUI convictions, however, you may be viewed as a liability and not allowed to continue with the recruitment and application process.

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Technically, even if you have a DUI you can get hired as a police officer in most Therefore, if you were convicted of a felony DUI, you can't become a cop.
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