Small hair salon decorating ideas

Decorating Ideas for a Hair Salon

small hair salon decorating ideas

SALON TOUR: Lola Salon, Cambridge, Mass.

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Whether sleekly modern or vintage traditional, a salon's design speaks to its clientele. Everything from water fountain fixtures to furnishings at the front desk echo the vibe the salon owner seeks to relate to customers. The key to burnishing your salon's look is to select a decorating style that strikes the perfect pitch with your desired clientele. Make a bold statement with bright colors. Consider the psychology behind colors and use this to help increase your sells. The colors red and yellow reportedly stimulate the senses and create a sense of energy and urgency. It's no coincidence that most fast food chains are red and yellow or that most retailers use red to signify sale items.

Beauty Salon's! A shop where hairdressers and beauticians work! While your hairdresser cuts and styles your hair, a beautician, does your nails and other cosmetic treatments. Salon's can either range up to being posh and fancy or run down and old. Stuck on idea's on how to decorate your beauty salon? Read our guide below! To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

Salon Decorating Ideas: 4 Dos and 3 Donts

As a salon owner, you know what makes customers feel good about themselves. Studies show that the atmosphere of your space could determine if a customer will return to your place of business. - Your decor choices let your clients know what to expect, and can keep them coming back to an experience that makes them feel good.

7 Salon Decor Tricks To Make Your Reception Feel Spacious

Few businesses are about style and flair as much as a hair salon is. It all comes down to having personality and a look that feels right to you that can make clients feel welcome. Having a unique culture and funky space can go a long way toward saying for whom the salon is well suited. Keep clutter to a minimum if you can and choose wall art that works well together but can handle the dynamics of the space, such as the moisture, the chemical processes and maybe even all the sunlight pouring in the windows. Instead, use great web-based apps like canva.

Understanding hair and beauty salon decor aesthetics and playing with widths, heights and weights is key to making your customer feel good from the very moment he or she walks through your door. With this in mind, we rounded up 7 hair and beauty salon decor tricks to make your reception area feel more spacious, making your clients instantly feel at ease! Working with a little space can be hard as it will often seem crowded and overstuffed. If this is your case, we have two suggestions: choose the right art and carefully select your wall paint colour. When it comes to long walls, the common dilemma is whether you should put up plenty or almost no pieces of art to make it work. If you are going for a piece of artwork, then the main quesiton is, what type: framed photos, paintings or even posters. Also, choosing simple shaped patterns will help you create a sophisticated look that feels full size, but not overwhelmingly charged.

The Grand Opening of My Small Home Beauty Salon



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